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When you’re start Seachild 2 of13 Reasons Why, which has just premiered on Netflix, you might need a bit of a refresher around some of the storylines. One of those requires Tony, and why he was contained among the civilization that got Hannah’s tapes. What did Tony execute again?This post has actually spoilers from Seachild 1.

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Tony, played by Christian Navarro, never appeared to do anything to Hannah in Seachild 1. He was the initially one that she handed the tapes to, and also she instructed him to pass them on to everyone else. Tony preserved a close eye on Clay throughout the season, making sure he adhered to the instructions on the tapes and likewise serving as a confidante for Clay.

But what did Tony perform to Hannah? Seaboy 1 never clearly revealed why Hannah offered the tapes to Tony. So by the finish of Seakid 1, most fans were thinking that the reason was simply because Hannah kbrand-new Tony listened to cassette tapes, and he would be reliable to begin passing the tapes along.

Que es lo que escondes Tony??? #13ReasonsWhy 2 días.

— Hannah Baker ?? (
RenEgair) May 16, 2018

Hannah had borrowed a tape recorder from Tony so she could document her tapes, and also she made copies as backups. Tony never actually did anypoint to Hannah, and it’s feasible she gave him the tapes ssuggest because she trusted him.

But this didn’t intend that Tony didn’t feel many guilt about Hannah’s death. He later on reveabrought about Clay that when Hannah dropped the tapes off at his door, he didn’t feel prefer talking to her at the moment. He picked up the tapes and also listened to them later on. He blamed himself, wondering if he might have stopped her if he had only listened to the tapes.

He also felt ashamed for transporting Hannah’s mission. He noticed her parental fees were hurting, and also he wondered if he did the best point.

However, some fans came up via more elaborate theories about Tony. Some fans even guessed that he was some kind of ghost or angel, always seeming to appear when Clay was struggling, Elite Daily reported. Of course, we watch him communicating through various other people, so this concept definitely isn’t correct.

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Tright here are rumors that some new motivations and background for Tony are going to appear in Seaboy 2. This is a emerging story, and also we may include even more information about Tony, via added spoiler warnings, as we watch the first few episodes of Seachild 2.