32 Analyze and Record Transactions for Merchandise Purchases Using the Perpetual Inventory System

The complying with instance transactions and also subsequent journal entries for merchandise purchases are known using a perpetual inventory mechanism. The regular inventory mechanism acknowledgment of these example transactions and equivalent journal entries are displayed in Appendix: Analyze and Record Transactions for Merchandise Purchases and Sales Using the Periodic Inventory System.

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Basic Analysis of Acquisition Transactivity Journal Entries

To better illustrate merchandising tasks, let’s follow The golden state Business Solutions (CBS), a retailer providing electronic hardware packages to meet little business requirements. Each electronics hardware package (see (Figure)) contains a desktop computer computer system, tablet computer, landline telephone, and also a 4-in-1 desktop printer via a printer, copier, scanner, and fax machine.

California Company Solutions. Providing businesses electronic hardware services. (credit: change of “Professionnal desk” by “reynermedia”/Flickr, CC BY 2.0)


Cash and also Crmodify Acquisition Transaction Journal Entries

On April 1, CBS purchases 10 electronic hardware packeras at a expense of $620 each. CBS has sufficient cash-on-hand to pay automatically through cash. The adhering to enattempt occurs.


Merchandise Inventory is certain to desktop computer systems and also is enhanced (debited) for the value of the computer systems by $12,000 ($400 × 30). Since the computers were purchased on crmodify by CBS, Accounts Payable rises (credit).

On April 17, CBS makes complete payment on the amount due from the April 7 purchase. The adhering to enattempt occurs.


Merchandise Inventory-Tablet Computers rises (debit) in the amount of $4,020 (67 × $60). Accounts Payable additionally rises (credit) however the crmodify terms are a tiny different than the previous example. These crmodify terms include a discount possibility (5/10), definition, CBS has actually 10 days from the invoice day to pay on their account to obtain a 5% discount on their purchase.

On May 10, CBS pays their account in full. The following enattempt occurs.


Accounts Payable decreases (debit) and also Cash decreases (credit) for $4,020. The company passist on their account external of the discount home window but within the full allotted timeframe for payment. CBS does not get a discount in this situation yet does pay in full and on time.

Acquisition Retransforms and also Allowances Transaction Journal Entries

On June 1, CBS purchased 300 landline telephones through cash at a cost of $60 each. On June 3, CBS discovers that 25 of the phones are the wrong shade and retransforms the phones to the manufacturer for a complete refund. The adhering to entries occur through the purchase and also subsequent rerevolve.


Since CBS already phelp in complete for their purchase, a complete cash refund is issued. This rises Cash (debit) and decreases (credit) Merchandise Inventory-Phones because the merchandise has actually been returned to the manufacturer or supplier.

On June 8, CBS discovers that 60 more phones from the June 1 purchase are slightly damaged. CBS decides to save the phones however receives a purchase allowance from the manufacturer of $8 per phone. The adhering to enattempt occurs for the allowance.


Both Merchandise Inventory-Printers rises (debit) and also Accounts Payable boosts (credit) by $8,000 ($100 × 80).


Both Accounts Payable decreases (debit) and also Merchandise Inventory-Printers decreases (credit) by $120 (4 × $30). The purchase was on crmodify and the allowance arisen prior to payment, therefore decreasing Accounts Payable. Merchandise Inventory decreases due to the loss in worth of the merchandise.

On July 15, CBS pays their account in full, much less purchase returns and also allowances. The following payment enattempt occurs.


Keep in mind that (Figure) considers an environment in which inventory physical counts and also corresponding publications documents align. This is not always the instance offered concerns with shrinkage (theft), damages, or obsolete merchandise. In this circumstance, an adjustment is recorded to inventory to account for the differences between the physical count and also the amount represented on the books.

Record the journal entries for the following purchase transactions of a retailer.

Dec. 3Purchased $500 worth of inventory on credit via terms 2/10, n/30, and also invoice dated December 3.
Dec. 6Returned $150 worth of damaged inventory to the manufacturer and also obtained a full remoney.
Dec. 9Paid the account in full



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Key Concepts and Summary

A retailer can pay with cash or on crmodify. If paying via cash, Cash decreases. If paying on crmodify instead of cash, Accounts Payable boosts.If a firm pays for merchandise within the discount home window, they debit Accounts Payable, credit Merchandise Inventory, and also credit Cash. If they pay outside the discount window, the company debits Accounts Payable and also credits Cash.If a firm returns merchandise prior to remitting payment, they would delittle bit Accounts Payable and also credit Merchandise Inventory. If the agency returns merchandise after remitting payment, they would certainly delittle bit Cash and credit Merchandise Inventory.If a agency obtains an allowance for damaged merchandise prior to remitting payment, they would delittle bit Accounts Payable and also credit Merchandise Inventory. If the agency obtains an allowance for damaged merchandise after remitting payment, they would debit Cash and credit Merchandise Inventory.

(Figure)Which of the adhering to accounts are used when recording a purchase?

cash, merchandise inventoryaccounts payable, merchandise inventoryA or Bcash, accounts payable