"A Good Man Is Hard to Find" Characters The main personalities in "A Good Man is Hard to Find" are the grandmother, the Misfit, Bailey, and also Red Sammy Butts.

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The grandmother is a selfish and also superficial woman who convinces her family members to take a detour that ultimately leads to their deaths. Prior to dying, she seems to experience a spiritual epiphany kind of.The Misfit is an escaped convict. Regardless of his murderous deeds, he display screens a solid thoughtful sensibility during his conversation with the grandmother.Bailey is the grandmother"s child and the father of the family.Red Sammy Butts is the owner of the barbecue restaurant. He and also the grandmom lament society"s transforming worths.
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The Grandmother

An unmost likely protagonist, the grandmom is an unlikable old woguy that romanticizes a social order that no longer exists. When she encounters the Misfit, she is lastly compelled to challenge her unrealistic illusions about the ways in which the world need to work-related and pertained to terms through her personal shortcomings. Defying the stereokind of a grandmommy as one who is loving, caring, and wise, the grandmother in the story is narrow-minded, judgpsychological, and selfish. Her sense of self-prestige is significantly inflated, and also she is not above utilizing are afraid and deception to manipulate her very own household into acquiescing to her wishes. The family appears to be accustomed to the grandmother’s selfish and underhanded behavior, and also June Star remarks that although her grandmother doesn’t want to go to Florida, she wouldn’t miss the expedition “for a million bucks” because she’s “afrassist she’d miss something.” 


The grandmommy areas great value on appearances. This is demonstrated through her very own painstaking efforts to dress the part of a correct lady and through her insistence that she “deserve to just look at and tell” that he has “great blood.” Though she sees herself as a godly womale, she finds that she cannot utter a systematic prayer as soon as confronted with the innate evil of the Misfit’s conduct. This says that her spiritual conviction—choose her care for her exterior appearance—is superficial and performative. Regardless of the Misfit’s apparent immorality and criminality, the grandmom is initially unable to comprehend the reality that he does not share her values, and her unsuccessful attempts to appeal to the Misfit’s idea in Christianity or the prestige of social class ultimately shatters her rigid worldsee. In her last moments, she experiences a flash of clarity and true compassion; ultimately turning her critical eye inward, she recognizes the Misfit’s fregulations as deeply associated to her very own. Ironically, this dramatic and also positive transition in her character results in her death, yet she dies via a smile, ultimately achieving the grace that has eluded her for her entire life.

The Misfit

A coarse and cold-blooded murderer, the Misfit serves as a character foil for the grandmommy. While the grandmother areas excellent prominence on exactly how others perceive her, the Misfit rejects social standards and also prevalent decency altogether. Claiming that he has actually been punimelted severely for his crimes while others haven’t been punished at all, the Misfit boldly declares that he doesn’t agree through the warped check out of justice he sees in their culture. This perceived injustice has shaped his approach concerning life and his very own actions, and also it is bereason of these noticeable inefeatures that the Misfit has actually end up being comfortable through his life of crime, taking pleasure in the cruelty he instigates. 

The grandmom mistakenly assumes that he Misfit doesn’t know about God and Jesus, yet he surprises her by not only recalling his time spent as a gospel singer yet additionally engaging in a quite deep conversation about Christ’s miracles. Unfavor the grandmom, who appears to have only a superficial expertise of Christianity, the Misfit shows up to have actually contemplated it deeply, though he’s arrived at the conclusion that he doesn’t require belief in his life. Without a doubt, his own convictions, chaotic and also confmaking use of as they might seem, show up to be more deeply rooted than the grandmother’s, as she is quick to renounce her beliefs—admitting that maybe Jesus didn’t raise the dead—when she thinks it could conserve her life. Though he ultimately kills the grandmom, seemingly disturbed by her transdevelopmental revelation, the Misfit’s own outlook on life shows up to have actually readjusted too. In the final lines of the story, his earlier viewpoint that tright here is “no pleacertain however meanness” is replaced with a new claim: tright here is “no real pleasure in life” at all. This change indicates that his interaction through the grandmom has adjusted his views, leaving open the possibility that he, also, could be qualified of achieving grace.


Bailey is the son of the grandmom and the father of John Wesley, June Star, and also the baby. His existence seems to be plagued through conflict; he is positioned in between his mom, who seeks to regulate his family, and also the rest of his family, who ridicule the disagreeable old womale. Often showing up resentful and also frustrated, Bailey seems to attempt and disinteract from his obnoxious household members as a lot as possible, reading the paper at an early stage in the story as a means of escape and later on trying to ignore the pleas of his youngsters to take the detour their grandmother has said. Bailey appears inqualified of being an effective leader to his family; when his children start screaming and also kicking the ago of his driver’s seat, Bailey caves to their whims despite his own better judgement. His immaturity is highlighted once he is being led off to specific death; notably, it is his mom whom Bailey calls out to—not his wife or children. 

Bailey’s Wife

The truth that Bailey’s wife is never directly called is an indication of her indefinition in this family members. She is a wife and also a mom and also appears reasonably consumed via taking treatment of the baby, that is also never before named. Without a genuine voice or name in this story, she is a level character, and once the Misfit asks her to take her daughter and baby to join her husband and also kid in the woods, she passively agrees, even though she has actually heard 2 unique pistol shots and surely knows what’s coming. Bailey’s wife appears to have no real sense of self-identity or self-direction, and her fate is inevitably decided for her.

John Wesley

Bailey’s eight-year-old kid John Wesley is a fairly precocious son via loud opinions. He scoffs at his grandmother’s mannerisms and also ideas and boldly says that he would certainly slap the Misfit if he ever ran into him. Like his grandmother, he shows up to be extremely judgpsychological, renoting that his house state of Georgia isn’t worth looking at and that Tennesview is simply a dumping ground for hillbillies. In his final moments, John Wesley is viewed taking his father’s hand also as he is caused his fatality, demonstrating that despite his external bravaexecute, he still has actually a childish faith in his father’s capacity to protect him.

June Star

Bailey’s daughter June Star has a basic absence of respect for adults and feels cost-free to vocalize her regular criticisms. Not everyone finds her as adorable as she believes herself to be. When Red Sammy’s wife reaches out to her affectionately at the restaurant, June Star tells the woman rudely and matter-of-factly that she would never before live in such a “broken-down” location. The woman hregarding stretch her mouth right into a forced polite smile in response. June Star is selfish and also uncaring; she whines as soon as she doesn’t get her method and, prefer her brother, is disappointed that nobody is killed in the car accident. This young girl has a extremely inflated sense of importance that, in some means, shows the worths and also habits of her grandmommy, who is equally judgpsychological and also selfish—though maybe better at concealing it.

Red Sammy Butts

Red Sammy owns the establishment wright here the family stops to dine. When talking through the grandmommy, he agrees through her assessment of the human being (that it is going downhill), and she therefore determines that he is an excellent guy. Red Sammy reflects that “a great guy is hard to find” because of the moral decay of society. No one deserve to recognize that to trust anyeven more, he msupplies. Although he appears to identify with the grandmother’s nostalgia, it is also essential to remember that Red Sammy is running a business and also ultimately desires to make customers happy. The reader need to therefore take into consideration the possibility that Red Sam sindicate plays into the grandmother’s apparent sense of self-prominence in order to profit from their interactivity.

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Bobby Lee and also Hiram

These are the Misfit’s henchmen, and also they lug out his bidding as directed. Bobby Lee and also Hiram are tasked with executing the entire family members, also the baby, via the exemption of the grandmom, whom the Misfit personally kills. They are flat characters with no real character arc and exist sindicate to assistance the plans of the Misfit.