It is sometimes challenging for readers to check out O’Connor as a religious writer considering that none of her characters seem “excellent.” Her tightly crafted narratives seem to carry readers to the moment wright here a “bad” character is all set to readjust, but one never sees the results. O’Connor taken into consideration herself a writer via “Christian concerns” and depicted through her stories her vision of a world wbelow what is typically thought of as progress is actually the opposite. She demonstprices humankind’s require for the mysterious grace of God, a gift that is offered unexpectedly in ordinary settings. Violence is a method to wake up personalities to their very own ethical deficiency, to burn ameans their virtues so that tbelow is nothing left yet a humbled self standing in perfect readiness to accept redemption.

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O’Connor had a gift for being able to capture the natural speech fads of the residents of her South, and her ironic humor is unequaled. The stories in A Good Man Is Hard to Find likewise demonstrate her exceptional use of symbolism. The peacocks pointed out in “Good Counattempt People,” “The Life You Save May Be Your Own,” and “The Disput Person” are symbolic of God’s presence; Father Flynn provides direct comparisons between the mysterious beauty of the peacock’s tail and also Christ’s transfiguration. Descriptions of establishing in O’Connor’s stories are nearly always symbolic too. The moon appears symbolically twice in “The Artificial Nigger,” signifying the unwell-known facets of himself that Mr. Head is about to discover and also then the illuminating light of God’s mercy.

The titles of the stories are nearly always ironic, as are the names of many personalities. Mrs. Hopewell is annoyingly optimistic in “Good Country People,” and her daughter is anypoint but filled with “joy.” Bevel, the name that Harry Asharea chooses for himself in “The River,” deserve to intend a device for adjusting slants, just as Harry is trying desperately to integrate the confusion and depression in his young life. Mr. Shiftlet definitely proves himself to be shiftless, or shifty.

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For Afrihave the right to American writer Alice Walker, O’Connor became “the initially excellent contemporary writer from the South.” Ironic humor, a affluent use of symbolism and also religious allegory, and also personalities that may fchange however are always human are perhaps what continue to make O’Connor a favorite among readers and reason many kind of to agree via A. L. Rowse’s assessment that O’Connor was “more than likely the best brief story writer of our time.”

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