Getting Back to Hyrule

Find the ruins of a house near the group of monsters that have actually gathered to the west of Thieves" Town and enter the crack in the ago wall. You will certainly currently be back in Hyascendancy inside of a lady"s house. She will give Link a Piece of Heart and leave her door unlocked. Exit and usage the Bell to fly to Link"s house. Talk with Ravio and rent the Bombs.

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Getting to the Dark Palace

Exit and also talk through Sahasrahla to the south of Link"s house. Now fly to the Eastern Palace and also head southern. Keep going until you go via the course directly southern of the Eastern Palace and you will uncover a crack in the wall on the west wall - a portal - that you will certainly need to usage the Bombs to access. Go with the portal and Link will be ago in Lorule. Head eastern and also go up the ladder. Go through the route to the north.

Getting Pass the Guards

Link will certainly now need to dodge some guards or hazard being entrapped. Head west until you reach the first guard - the one pass the initially jail cell. Merge via the wall in front of the guard and take a trip pass him. Pop off the wall and also proceed north. Tbelow will certainly be 2 guards - sindicate merge with the facility wall and travel around - wait till the guards are dealing with opposite directions and also run north.

Now go west until you discover the next guard. Merge to the west wall and also take a trip past the guard. Pop off and then proceed north being sure to merge soon after to dodge the following guard. Continue around till out of the guard"s sight and then pop off. Go eastern and then south where you will find one more jail cell. If recorded pass this cell – Link will finish up here instead of the initially jail cell.

Go up the stairs to the eastern, being sure to watch out for the guard. Wait till he deals with eastern and also then carefully follow him about. Head south down the course once able and then merge to the pillar. Travel about to the south and pop off. Watch out for the guard on the eastern and then travel down the stairs when able.

Continue going south and also one more guard will certainly appear. Merge via the eastern wall and also take a trip south pass the guard"s vision and also then pop off. Follow the path about the edge and also head north once able to discover three even more guards. Merge through the facility wall once able and then take a trip approximately to the north side.

Now wait till the northern guard looks the various other way and conveniently pop off and merge through the north wall. Travel pass the guard and pop off the wall. Now go up the path to the north. You will certainly uncover one last guard - simply merge with the wall and also travel pass the guard.

Pop off and then continue north to uncover the entrance to the Dark Palace. Bomb the entrance in order to gain accessibility to the dungeon. Travel inside and also prepare for the following dungeon of the game.

The Dark Palace

Once inside the Dark Palace – take the course to the east and also then go to the north. Bomb the wall and go via the hole to uncover a chest that contains a Blue Rupee. Exit and now take the course to the west and also then to the north to uncover a switch. Place a bomb close to the switch and then run earlier near the entrance – gain on the little purple platform to the north and wait for the bomb to press the switch.

The platcreate will certainly go across the gap and also then you should obtain off of it. Place a bomb and pick it up. Now throw it at the right home window that is blocked by wooden planks. The bomb must land also on the ledge. It will blow the planks off and also activate the switch listed below that will certainly unlock the door to the north.

Go with the door and also continue north until you reach the wall. Take the course to the west and press the switch to spawn a little key. Now merge through the north wall and take a trip approximately to the south of the room. Pop off close to the crucial and also pick it up. Merge through the wall aacquire and also take a trip ago to the north of the room.

Place a bomb on the cracked floor wbelow the light beam is shining. Now go eastern and unlock the door in the center. Go through the door and then go down the stairs. Go up the path in the center in the direction of the north being certain to dodge the rolling balls.

Now go to the eastern and also you will certainly discover purple floor tile with a crack on it to the southern. Place a bomb below and then drop down the hole to discover a tiny key. Head north and also go through the door bring you ago to the previous room. Go via the door to the east to find yourself trapped inside with numerous enemies.

They will follow Link"s every move via the red one doing the opposite. You deserve to quickly kill the green ones via the sword and also then use very closely inserted bombs to defeat the red one. This will reason a platdevelop to begin moving – hop aboard and ride it to the optimal. Once at the peak – bomb the wall directly to the south.

This will disclose a door so go with it. In the southeast edge is a chest that holds a Purple Rupee. Exit the room and then drop down. Wait till the platcreate is going down and also then go via the hidden door to the southern. You will currently be at the bottom of the previous room.

Tbelow will be a chest on the west side that has a monster tail. Get it and then bomb the cracked floor in the northeast edge. Do not autumn down it just yet – rather departure and get earlier on the platdevelop. Once at the height - acquire off and then go with the door to the west.

Head to the west across the wired walkway and also then merge through the wall. Travel approximately the room to the north until you pass the torch on the following ledge. Pop off and also then usage the bombs to blow up the purple cracked floor. Fall down the hole to find some rupees.

Getting the Compass

Now go with the door to the north and then head via the door to the west. Get on the relocating platdevelop and also toss bombs by both of the switches being quick so one will certainly not inactivate. This will certainly generate a chest that contains a compass. Head with the door to the east and continue with the next door to the east.

Travel back to the trick door when the platcreate goes down. Fall down the hole from earlier and open the chest for a monster horn. Knock out the torch to make the route visible. Drop dvery own to the path below and also bomb the ledge you simply fell off of to disclose a covert door you have the right to gain to from the invisible course.

Inside will be some rupees – gain them and then follow the path to the north to gain the little key shown on the map. Now make your way to the northwest and also go through the door. Go via the door on the west side of the room and then put out the torch using the sword resulting in an invisible wall to currently be visible.

Go southern and also then merge through the eastern wall – if you look carefully tbelow will be little crack, go via it and also pop off the wall. Make your method to the northwest edge of the room and go via yet an additional crack to reach a skull. Break the skull to expose a switch. Press it to spawn a chest. Travel dvery own to the south to gain to the chest, which has a tiny key.

Now travel earlier to the previous room and also go through the door to the north. Now usage among the small tricks to unlock the door next to Link and enter it. Hit the switch to the south to uncover out the walls on either side revolve around. Now location a bomb close to the switch and conveniently merge to the wall on the west side of the room. After it revolves – pop off and go via the door to the west.

Quickly travel south and also hit the switch on the eastern side of the room. The floor will certainly begin falling quickly after entering the room so remain close to the eastern wall while hitting the switch. The switch will open up the door to the south. Merge through the southern wall easily and also then travel approximately to the area close to the torch stick. Pop off and also then head through the door – if done as well slowly the door will certainly auto-shut.

Continue south to discover a window that is spanned by wood planks. Use a bomb to break the wooden planks off the window to disclose a light beam. Continue south and light the torch. Now head to the eastern and also merge with the wall once you deserve to no longer go east. Travel about to discover a chest that contains some monster guts. Merge and then take a trip to the north side of the room.

Pop off and also then travel to the center of the room where tbelow are switches. Stand on the purple platcreate a tiny north of the switch. Hit the switch to raise the platcreate. Get off and also merge via the wall to the north. Now travel to the east side of the room and pop off when you reach the window blocked via wooden planks.

Getting the Master Ore

Use bombs to blow up the wooden planks and also then continue southern to do the exact same with the next extended window. Now put out each of the torches in the room and head towards the center through the switches. Place a bomb near the southerly one and also then head north. Use the switch to acquire onto the north ledge and also easily merge with the north wall. Once the bomb to the south explode - the wall will certainly revolve leaving Link at a large chest containing a Master Ore.

Use the swich to get back with the revolving door. Now departure this room to the north and continue till you are back in the facility room via the revolving wall surfaces and 2 torches. Bomb the cracked floor on both the east and also west sides. Now loss down the hole on the eastern side to uncover a chest that consists of a Purple Rupee.

Now loss dvery own the hole in this room – it is the one visible as soon as you reach the chest. Go via the door to the east. Hit the torch to put it out so you deserve to check out the floor. Now go via the door on the southwest of the room. Continue south and also go through the locked door on the eastern.

Run roughly to make each of the adversaries autumn via the hole in the floor over. Now kill them choose earlier. After doing so – ride the platform to the optimal. Head through the door on the west and also merge through the wall. Travel roughly the room to the southern and also pop off close to the torch. Wait for the gauge to refill and then merge ago via the wall. Now travel to the west side of the room.

Pop off close to the switch and also then hit the switch to reveal the route to the boss door – which you cannot enter yet. Drop down to the southern and also enter the door to the southwest utilizing a vital. Light the torch in the room so you deserve to see the platform and the switches on the west side of the room.

Throw a bomb to the first switch and also then gain on the platcreate. Repeat for the next two switches to generate a large chest that has the Big Key. Return to the previous room and proceed to the boss door in the center of the room. Use the Big Key to unlock the door and prepare to fight the Dark Palace boss.

Dark Palace Boss: Gemesaur King

To start the fight - light the torches in the corners of the room. The Dark Palace Boss will certainly show up. You should throw bombs at it to damage the armor. After several hits - the armor will certainly break off. Now strike the weak suggest on its head. After numerous assaults the creature will certainly end up being enraged and also blow out the torches. Light the torches to make it breakable when more and also strike the weak point. Repeat this process a pair times till the creature is beat.

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Now grab the Heart Container and cost-free Sage Gulley from the paint. After the cutscene – take a trip with the portal.