8.1 Overpeople Goodies

Progress at this pointTotal LifeHeart Pieces
New in this sectionHeart Pieces:#19

The following dungeon is situated at the northwest edge of the Dark World. Tright here are a couple of different means to reach this component of the Overhuman being. Just to the northeastern of the Pyramid of Power, tright here is a damaged bridge. With the Hookswarm, you have the right to use a rock to reach the north finish of the Dark World.

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However, if you are doing the dungeons out of order, tright here is a 2nd way to reach this part of the Overcivilization without the Hookswarm. To carry out so, make your means to Kakariko Village in the Light World. Walk to the northwest corner of the town and head north till you enter the Lost Woods. Once you enter, instantly revolve to the right and then departure the Lost Woods to the southern. Walk southward and also usage the Magic Hammer to hit the stakes. You have the right to then lift the rock to enter the Dark World.




Now that you have actually both the Hookswarm and also access to this part of the Dark World, there is one added Piece of Heart that you can get. Make your means to the cave that leads to Death Mountain. In the Dark World, this cave is in the same area, although it leads somewhere else.

Inside the cave, make your method to the peak floor and also you’ll view a gap. Use the Hookshot throughout the gap to latch onto among the skulls. Just south of the skull, tbelow is a Bumper that is blocking the means. Use the Magic Cape and also walk straight with the Bumper. Exit the cave and grab the Piece of Heart.

It’s now time to make our means to the fourth dungeon, Skull Woods. Unfavor many dungeons in this game, Skull Woods has an overcivilization component.

8.2 Skull Woods

Progress at this pointTotal LifeHeart Pieces
New in this sectionCharacters:Third MaidenEnemies:Gibdo, Wallunderstand, MothulaItems:Big Key, Fire Rod, Heart Container, Third CrystalLocations:Skeleton Forest, Skull Woods

Tbelow are three different indoor sections of the Skull Woods. Unfavor most dungeons, the huge majority of the dungeon never before demands to be visited. Make your method over to wright here tbelow the 9 bushes are arranged in a 3×3 pattern. From below, head northwest complying with the pathway. Cut back southward and enter the dungeon at the skull mouth.

Defeat the two Blue Baris that you encounter, and the two Gibdos. The Gibdos in particular have the right to be fairly challenging to defeat as they have actually quite a little of health and wellness. One strategy is to simply use Bombos as soon as, and also it will certainly defeat all four enemies in the room. Also beware of the Wallgrasp that drops from the ceiling. If he catches Link, he’ll take him back to the entrance of the room and also the enemies will reshow up.

Lift the skull pot that is in the facility of the room. Link will have to pull the statue from the right side of the room onto the switch, which opens up the door over. Due to the fact that you’ll need to pull the statue upwards rather than pushing it.

In the next room there is one more collection of opponents. Once again, it is simplest to usage Bombos to defeat every one of them at once. Open the treacertain chest for the Big Key. If you desire to fill up your magic meter, you have the right to bomb the wall to the best which leads to a pot that consists of magic. Afterward, use the Magic Mirror or enable the Wallgrasp to catch you, sending you ago to the entrance.

Exit this part of the dungeon and head earlier northward. Make your way to the arrangement of 9 bushes and also slash at them. Tright here is a mystery entrance underneath the center bush. Drop dvery own to enter the next part of the dungeon.

Lift one of the pots and also toss it at the Helmasaur to defeat it. You could want to eliminate the Hardhat Beetle in the room also, given that it can be fairly annoying. Tright here is a cracked wall on the left side of the room. Go ahead and also use a Bomb to blow it open up, and then head left a display screen.

Tright here are some big holes in this room, however if Link walks along the ideal wall and then the southern wall, he can avoid them. Walk to the facility of the room and pull the lever before, bring about the wall listed below to explode.

Defeat the 2 Mini-Moldorms right here and then open the huge treacertain chest to get the dungeon item, the Fire Rod! Pull out the Hookshot and also use it to reach either of the 2 statues at the southern finish of the room. Later on, leave via the south door.

Once aget walk northwest down the pathway and enter the skull mouth as you did to begin the dungeon. This time, head via the door to the west and continue left 2 screens. Lift the pot at the top-left part of the room to grab a tiny key. Although there is a locked door right here, we don’t want to use it here, as it is better supplied in the following part of the dungeon. Go ahead and exit through the door to the south.

Back exterior, walk up the route on the left side and also you’ll view a stselection looking structure. Pull out the Fire Rod and also light up the front of what looks prefer a nose. This will certainly reason the majority of of it to burn, opening its eyes, and revealing an entrance. Go ahead and also enter the final percentage of this dungeon.

If you do not have actually an extran essential, you’ll have to head down the stairs on the left and also go through a long winding maze to reach a treasure chest with a small vital. However before, given that you acquired one from an previously part of the dungeon, you can simply head north with the locked door.

This room has a variety of floor stars. When Link measures on them, the arrangement of the holes on the ground will certainly readjust. There is additionally a trio of Baris, and also a Wallgrasp, so be careful. You have the right to reduced diagonal corners and closely walk over the edges of the holes if you’d choose, yet it is risky. Otherwise, just make your method about the room. Walk to the facility of the room, then bottom-left, then top-left, then the four near the top-appropriate, the top-appropriate edge, and then head right a display screen.

There are a number of Gibdos in this room, and it is a good concept to get rid of them before advancing. Bombos have the right to defeat them in its entirety, or you deserve to usage the Fire Rod to defeat them through a solitary swarm. Tright here is some extra magic underneath the pots on the appropriate side of the room. In order to progress, Link will certainly have to light the 4 torches in the room. The bottom 3 can be lit with the lamp, yet you’ll should use the Fire Rod to light the fourth torch. Once all 4 are lit, head through the door that opens up.

Tbelow are a variety of opponents discovered within this room. You can defeat all of them by making use of the Bombos medallion, or you have the right to just stop them. Afterward, slash the wall at the north finish of the room to disclose a passage to the next room. Tright here are four even more enemies discovered right here, and the Gibcarry out in particular is holding a little essential. Defeat them all, grab the key and head ideal a display screen.

Tbelow are 2 skull pots in this room. One of them has some magic, so be certain to grab that as you’ll require it for the boss fight. Once you are ready, drop down to take on the dungeon boss, Mothula.

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Tright here are a variety of methods Link can be harmed throughout this boss battle. Mothula will shoot our beams of fire in three directions. These can be harmful, via each doing two hearts of damage. Tright here are also the Blade Traps that will certainly move along the floor, via each doing one heart of damage. The ground will certainly constantly readjust direction, and if Link provides contact with Mothula, he will certainly shed two hearts of damages.

Link deserve to harm Mothula in a selection of means. The many common approach is to usage the Fire Rod, which takes 8 hits to defeat Mothula. Additionally, Link can usage his Sword, however it is less powerful and also far more risky, as it requires gaining quite cshed to the boss. One surpclimbing way to fight Mothula is to usage the Magic Hammer. Four direct hits will certainly defeat the boss.