Phile is French word which has actually been developed from Medieval Latin word philus, the word philus was coined from Greek word philos. When a word is suffixed through phile it refers to having solid liking to somepoint, having fondness for somepoint. I think that eextremely perchild on this earth is distinctive and has fondness for something. God is exceptionally innovative, therefore HE creates original human masteritem consisting of you, me, he, she and also after all, every one of us! God doesn’t think in reduced, copy and paste, he creates originals and eincredibly single perkid has actually something various around them. What determines people’s preferences is a fuzzy, elusive process. It’s incredibly difficult to pin down factors why somebody likes a specific point.  We favor all kinds of points music, fashion, literature, art, food, nature, artefacts, sea, ocean, moon, sunlight, trees, woodland and many type of more things. I list right here below some words sufaddressed through phile:

Lexophile: Is a lover of words, particularly in word games, puzzles, anagrams, palindromes, and so on. Generally, a lexophile derives pleasure from using miscellaneous words in his communication; he/she appreciates the shade, pronunciation bordering various words. A lexophile is alert to synonyms, antonyms, homophones, and also homonyms (two or more words having very same spelling however different meaning) regularly making use of them for smart impact, occasionally in humour. Lexophiles are rapid via learning new diction; they are witty with words and are excellent communicators. You are watching: A perchild that enjoys life is called

Autophile: is one that loves himself/herself. An autophile is overly self-affiliated, and frequently usemuch less and also selfish. Autophile has been repurposed for car enthusiasts as well.  The word is provided for automobile freaks. The automobile freaks are as well much in love via their automobile. They go past the normalcy: they will certainly wash, clean, paint their vehicle…… they have the right to go beyond the maintenance of their automobile. They save spending on their cars buying new spares, including extra tools, in brief, they over do for their cars.You are watching: A person who enjoys life is called

Astrophile: Is a perkid who loves solitude, being alone. These world love their own firm. They don’t crave for firm of others. They are independent, they are enigmatic, and also they are free world. They don’t favor to get bogged dvery own by others. They are happy being alone; they reap enduring brand-new locations and also making new friends approximately the civilization. They enjoy doing points by themselves. It’s fun to hear them talk around their stays, and their approaches. They lug various things, various ideregarding table.

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Bibliophile:  Words “bibliophile” specifically suggests a lover of publications (biblio). The term is regularly used to refer to world who sindicate favor to check out. They go on collecting books; they spend generously on purchasing publications. But, the a lot of specific interpretation of “bibliophile” is someone that loves publications specifically for its form, dimension, colour of the cover, font of the book and so on and so on They choose to feel the book. I recognize of human being who cover their publications, index them, make a library of their books and don’t prefer to share them through others. Of course, many bibliophiles are great readers; they collect publications bereason they love the narratives in them. For them publications are choose huge investments and also valuables.

Ceraunophile: Is a perkid who loves thunder and lightning. There people that love to dance exterior in open up during thunderstorms. They love them because they feel that there is nothing in the people that deserve to equal the power of a thunderstorm. It’s an awe aspect for them. They love to take images of lightning strikes. Ceraunophiles uncover majesty, power, and also beauty in thunderstorms. They uncover somepoint exhilarating around the rumbling thunder, effective lightning, and the cleansing effect of heavy rain.

Chionophile: Is a perkid who loves cold weather and also the snow autumn. People have actually a love-hate partnership via chilled cold weather. Chinophiles favor as soon as the initially snowloss hits, and also the surrounding becomes snowy. They love gaping at the skies in wonder; they feel obsessed by the Earth’s capacity to rotate water into these icy sprinkles. They enjoy the blast of cold air once they open their doors and windows. They love to fill their lungs through the cold fresh air. They enjoy the tranquillity of walking along a quiet, frozen beach.

Clinophile: Is a lover of just sleeping in bed or reclining. Nothing interests a clinophile more than simply resting in bed. They sleep because they feel that sleep will certainly take all of those troubles ameans from them. They don’t acquire bored through sleeping. They not only sleep in their bed, they sleep and also have nap anywhere. They love their pajamas and also blankets even more than anything.  No issue what has actually occurred during the day, good or negative, stressful or not, resting constantly renders them feel better. They believe that more sleep is always better than less sleep. In short, sleeping is their hobby. Call it beauty sleep, nap, snoozing, swood, siesta, whatever before you want, sleep is clinophile’s one and also just true love. It simply provides everything appropriate for them.

Cynophile: Is a perboy that loves canines, a dog lover. Cynophiles love their pet dogs in the same method as they do their kids, and also the feeling is common. Researchers have discovered that the same hormone, oxytocin, spikes in both human and also canine brains once a dog is gazing at its owner. Oxytocin is known to play a strong duty in triggering feelings of unconditional love and defense as soon as parents and also children look right into each other’s eyes or take on. So the findings indicate that owners love their pets in the same way as family members members, and dogs rerotate their devoted affection. Cynophile shops array of food, dresses for his canine. He/she adjusts life according to the canine’s time table. Many kind of of us are cynophiles. I am one!

Discophile: Is a person that studies and collects phonograph records. When such a person  gets right into a details band also or artist they track dvery own every song that artist has actually ever before done, irparticular of whether he/she actually likes the song or not. They spend their huge booty on buying CD, LP, record from open industry, black sector anywhere. They treat their records like their significant investment.

Heliophile:  Is a lover of the sun. A perboy who loves sunlight, likes to remain out in open up, he/she likes to soak in the sunlight. They spfinish their maximum time in sunlight. They love the sunlight so a lot, that they protect against being indoors during the daytime.

Limnophile: Is a person that loves lakes. They love to continue to be on lakes. Lake living has its perks, and water tasks are absolutely on the optimal of the list. The lake living gives them with an avenue to gain fun and also likewise to entertain the finest occasions such as swimming, kayaking, sailing, fishing and also boating. Water offers relaxation to mind and body. It gives comforting feeling to the limnophiles. The limophiles generally stay near the lakes and also water bodies.

Nyctophile: Is a perchild that loves night or darkness. It’s a person that prefers being awake during the late hrs of the night, someone that enjoys continuing to be awake all night.  Nyctophilia is a Greek word. It suggests, “Frifinish of the dark”. They love the darkness, it renders them happy. Nictophiles feel a sense of relief to sit in the dark and listen to the sound of the clock ticking by.  A nictophile likes darkness bereason tright here is less visual stimulus that enables him/her to rest and also concentrate much better. In a dark room, nothing regulates the attention of mind; one can’t view anypoint which provides it basic to rest the mind.

Oenophile: Is a perkid, who enjoys wines, he is typically a connoisseur. They are devoted to wine.  They follow strict legacies of usage and also appreciation of wines. In a basic sense but, oenophilia sindicate refers to the enjoyment of wine. But, in true sense, oenophiles are likewise known as wine connoisseurs of range of grape wine. They are people that understand worth of wines and also are collectors of it.  They appreciate grape wines from particular regions. They examine the age of the wine, the type of it, the production procedure. While many oenophiles are hobbyists, some are additionally experts like vintners (wine-merchants), sommeliers (wine waiter)   or a wine taster for their living.

Pluviophile: Is a lover of rain; someone that finds joy and also tranquility of mind during rainy days. They discover comfort in rains. They feel tranquil and also are at a state of tranquility with themselves while soaking in rains. They don’t feel gloomy once it rains, yet rather they uncover joy and happiness throughout rainy periods. If they are not soaking, they sit by the window and also watch the rainautumn. They feel enthprovided and also feel imaginative when it rains.

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Retrophile:  Is a perkid that loves artefacts and aesthetics from the past. The hobby of collecting includes seeking, locating, obtaining, organizing, cataloguing, displaying, storing, curing the artefacts. The retrophiles have actually a one-of-a-kind sort of awe for the earliest types of creativity and intelligence. Typically these are individual collectors. Their collections differ in a vast selection of respects, a lot of obviously in the nature and also scope of the objects included, but also in function and also presentation. For them, the scope of collecting is unlimited, as expressed in the old adage, “If somepoint exists, somebody somewbelow collects them”.See more: Why Does Sand also Heat Up Faster Than Water Vs, Why Does Sand also Cool Faster Than Water

Selenophile: Is a perchild that loves the moon. For a selenophile the moon is beautiful, it’s calming and also it just transdevelops whatever. It is more brightly watched in night that’s why these civilization love to see its milky light, it enthuses them. Some excellent poets wrote lovely poems on moon light. Some have actually composed great books. Tbelow are people who have actually respanned from their illnesses simply by going out and sitting in moonlight. After all, moon is the symbol of love. See more: Why Does Sand Heat Up Faster Than Water Vs, Why Does Sand Cool Faster Than Water

Thalassophile:  Is a lover of the sea, someone who loves the sea and sea.  The thalassophiles love sitting by the seaside. Do you know that the Victorian medical professionals used to prescribe the “sea air” as a cure for an assortment of ailments?  Using seawater for medical objectives also has actually a name: thalassotherapy. In 1769, a well-known British doctor Ricdifficult Russell publimelted a dissertation arguing for using seawater in “illness of the glands”, in which he included scurvy, jaundice, leprosy and also glandular consumption, which was the name for glandular fever at the moment. He prescribed drinking seawater and also swimming in it. Tright here are thalassophiles that spfinish maximum days in a year by the seaside. They prosper by being by side of sea.

So, which phile are you?