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Flexible production systems can handle a big range of discomparable products.A.True
2.A project shop is similar to an assembly line in that both develop commodities or solutions to satisfy the customers" specifications.A.True
3.Product layouts normally need less-expert workers than procedure layouts.A.True
4.The term "team technology" is equivalent to the term "part families".A.True
5.Cycle time is the average amount of clock time required to develop one unit of output.A.True
6.The maximum cycle time in an assembly line is equal to the time for the one longest task.A.True
7.One drawback of procedure layouts is that tools utilization rates are lower than in a product layout.A.True
8.An assembly line deserve to never before create a unit of output in less time than it takes to perform the longest task.A.True
9.In a job shop, volume is low, and product range has a tendency to be:A.high
D.incredibly low
10.The system that has actually the highest devices flexibility is:A.a task shop
B.a batch system
C.recurring production
D.constant processing
11.An operations strategy for procedure selection have to recognize that:A.process selection is conveniently changed
B.engineering is exclusively responsible for choosing what process is best
C.tright here is little must regulate technology
D.adaptability may not the ideal choice
E.supervisors need not have technological skills
12.Heuristic rules are normally provided when:A.an optimum solution is vital.
B.a computer routine isn"t accessible,
C.a trouble has just two feasible services.
D.no optimizing regimen is obtainable.
E.all various other approaches have failed.
13.Which one of the complying with is not primarily concerned as an benefit of product layouts?A.Material taking care of expenses per unit are low.
B.Labor costs are low per unit.
C.The mechanism is reasonably functional to changes in volume of output.
D.unit expenses may be lower than via various other processes
E.There is high utilization of labor and also equipment
14.In a product layout, the procedure of deciding exactly how to asauthorize work to work stations is referred to as:A.procedure balancing
B.job allocation
C.line balancing
D.station balancing
15.A manufacturing line is to be designed for a job through 3 jobs. The job times are 0.3 minutes, 1.4 minutes, and also 0.7 minutes. The maximum cycle time in minutes is:A.0.3
16.If a line is balanced via 90 percent effectiveness, the "balance delay" would certainly be:A.10 percent
B.90 percent
C.100 percent
D.unrecognized, since balance delay isn"t regarded efficiency
E.counts on the number of job-related stations
17.In a Muther"s grid, which closeness rating shows indistinction on the nearness or lack of nearness of 2 departments?A.A

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