Study Questions 1. Why does Walter say, “Even the N double A C P takes a holiday sometimes…?” What is the NAACP, and what does his referring to it display around his changing attitude?


2. When Beneatha answers him, “Sticks and also stones might break my bones…” what are we reminded of?

3. Why carry out you think Karl Lindner goes to such lengths to talk about everybody acquiring alengthy before he gets to his reason for talking to them?

4. Who catches on first to what his objective in talking to them is about? How carry out you know?

5. What is so cruelly ironic in Lindner statement: “They’re not rich and also sophisticated people; simply hard-working, hoswarm world that don’t really have a lot but those little bit homes and also a dream of the type of neighborhood they want to raise their kids in”?

6. Do you think Linder as soon as he claims to the household, “I want you to believe me once I tell you that race prejudice simply doesn’t enter right into it”? Why or why not?

7. What is the disturbing reminder once Mama says that her children have actually all the energy of the dead?

8. How is this design template brought forward in Wchange saying, “they simply dying to have out there… a fine household of fine colored people”? What is the tone set by Walter’s remark?

9. What conversation are we reminded of when Mama prepares to take her plant to the new home and also says “It expresses ME!” How does the plant express Mrs. Younger?

10. What change in Wchange do we check out as soon as he sobs to Bobo “THAT MONEY IS MADE OUT OF MY FATHER’S FLESH”?

Answers 1. The NAACP is the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, one of the initially civil civil liberties organizations in this nation. When Wchange mentions the NAACP in one of his remarks, we check out that he is growing in character, noting one of the strongest institutions for political activity to additionally civil civil liberties in the country.

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2. Although this is a joke, we remember the background of persecution and discrimination babsence civilization have actually confronted in America, including being subjected to wanton violence, which, of course, is no joke.

3. On some level, he cannot even himself accept the genuine reason for his speaking to them. As a lot as he anticipates an unfavorable reaction from the family to what he is going to say, he most likely knows, in the ago of his mind, that what he is doing is wrong.

4. As could be intended, Beneatha is the initially to feeling something wrong in Lindner’s function. The stage directions contact for her to stop “drily,” which is an additional method of saying “sarcastically.” In various other words, Beneatha is currently suspecting the actual reason for his visit.

5. The irony is that this is precisely the dream which the Youngers have actually, the dream so many kind of households have, sometimes dubbed “The American Dream.” But what one segment of culture takes as its best and believes it can “protect” in any method it desires (such as gross discrimicountry against world prefer the Youngers) an additional segment of society, the same to the initially in eincredibly means yet race, is criminally denied.

6. Nothing that Lindner states is believable because his whole purpose in seeing them is to speak them from doing what they have eexceptionally appropriate to do; relocate wbelow they desire to and also look for “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” as guaranteed eextremely Amerideserve to in the Constitution. Due to the fact that his premise is a false one to begin with, a lot of what he claims can be intended to be self-serving lies shelp to make his “mission” simpler for himself.

7. What is lugged to mind is the many black human being who periburned prematucount in the background of this country. It likewise foreshadows (points to) the threats Lindner has made maybe coming true. A slightly eerie tone is set.

8. As in the question above, what we remember is so many type of world dying needlessly because of blind prejudice.

9. We are reminded here of Beneatha’s statements on page 48 around expushing herself. It seems her mother currently understands what she meant, bereason her plant expresses herself.

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10. While formerly, Walter was more pertained to about just how the insurance money would certainly be distributed than around what it represented (“He was my father, too!”), we see here that tright here has actually been a shift in Walter’s worths, and also he currently is many upcollection around shedding the money bereason of what it represents.