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When A Man Loves A Woguy Quotes

1. A womale can"t change a man bereason she loves him. A man alters himself because he loves her.

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- Steve Harvey

2. A womale can"t readjust a male bereason she loves him. A guy alters himself bereason he loves her.

- Steve Harvey


3. When a male loves a woguy, can"t store his mind on nothing else. He"d profession the people for the good thing he"s found.

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- Percy Sledge


4. "A male falls in love via his eyes, a woguy through her ears."

- Woodrow Wyatt


5. Togetherness, passion, laughter, belief, trust, and jealousy are the vital ingredients of love

- Shahrukh Khan


7. Michael Green: I love her. And I tried every little thing, except really listening, really listening, and that"s exactly how I left her alone. I was so ashamed of that, and also I couldn"t even tell her. Maybe if I tell her she"d love me anyway.

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