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The renowned Neolithic structure in England also, made of megaliths that as soon as developed several concentric circles, is referred to as..

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all of these: developing order and also structure; exploring aesthetic possibilities; and constructing images and also develops that lug definition.

Although Vincent van Gogh suffered emotionally throughout his life, he was able to provide his eactivities tangible form in functions such as

This week"s video was on Maya Lin, that at twenty-one came to be among America"s a lot of recognized artists via her winning style for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. What is contained in the video?

The artist transforming an urban park in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

A park featuring a skating rink which Lin has outfitted via innovative fiber optic modern technology.

The artist carving layers of circles out of the peras of an atlas in order to produce topographic islands and canyons

**All these answers are correct

The major function of an artist in now culture is to expush their eactivities and concepts with their art occupational. Art job-related offers our society"s roots and also society and also shapes that we are.

Claude Monet

*hint the house is hanging of a mountain choose cliff by the sea. His last name starts with Mo

________ is the name for a conventional topic in Christian art, that of Mary, the mom of Jesus, holding her kid after he was taken dvery own from the cross.

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note:Installation art forms involve a space presented as a work-related of art that have the right to be entered, knowledgeable, explored, and reflected upon.

Whereas the Christian image by Cimabue depicts the main figure surrounded by angels, the Buddhist picture in this chapter reflects the central figure surrounded by

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