Ms. Gund is a wealthy white woguy who invested a life time fighting for racial justice. At 80, she’s the homecoming queen of the philanthropy people. She’s also running out of cash.

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At a recent gala benefit for the Getty Center in Los Angeles, Agnes Gund accepted an award for her success in philanthropy and also did something reasonably unusual among civilization in her social set: She barely spoke around herself.

Instead, Ms. Gund used her 6 minutes at the lectern to praise the museum for its contributions to culture and also toasted her fellow medal recipients — the curator Thelma Golden and also the sculptor Ricdifficult Serra — whose work-related enriched her life.

Ms. Gund, 80, is patently uncomfortable accepting awards. She problems that she is going to sound foolish, or look vain.

In the 1970s, she began Studio in a School, a highly successful nonprofit that brought arts education and learning to public colleges everywhere New York City. In the ’90s, she served as the president of the Museum of Modern Art. Her tenure tright here is regularly taken into consideration to be the museum’s “golden era,” according to Bob Colacello, the Andy Warhol biographer, who sits on the boards of plenty of arts institutions.

Bill Clinton gave her the National Medal of the Arts in 1997. Michael Bloomberg has actually explained her ssuggest as “the best.”

Yet she still frets about being just an additional affluent person that resides in a high-floor Park Avenue apartment, surrounded by modernist masterworks.

When civilization ask why she is a philanthropist, her answer is always the same: “guilt.”

Three years earlier, Ms. Gund went to view Ava DuVernay’s documentary “13th.” She was so disturbed by its message about America’s racist device of mass incarceration that she went residence, removed her a lot of prized painting by Roy Lichtenstein from the walls, and offered it to Stalso Cohen, a hedge money investor, to the tune of $165 million.

Then, she took her money from that and also — via her friend Darren Walker at the Ford Foundation — began “Art for Justice” that would serve as a bank and also administer funds for artists in priboy and for institutions working in the arena of criminal justice redevelop. (She has currently funded it in excess of $100 million.)

Aggie, as she is referred to by every one of her friends, didn’t love having to contact Dorothy Lichtenstein, the widow of Mr. Lichtenstein, to define that one of Roy’s the majority of crucial paints (its title is “Masterpiece”) was going to a private collector quite than a museum.

But that, she could resolve. Because tright here really wasn’t an additional solution. Agnes Gund may not have a lot more left to offer.

Her cash reserve has actually shrunk after a life time of giving to AIDS research, abortion rights teams and arts establishments, among many others. The useful paintings in her home by artists like Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg and Ellsworth Kelly have actually greatly been promised to museums.

If only there weren’t a journalist walking about the Getty Center asking civilization inquiries about her, stalking her for a profile she hadn’t agreed to, didn’t desire written and also most likely would certainly simply finish up filled via misquotes and half-truths. If just she could avoid that.


What are we doing here?” Aggie Gund sassist.

It was late October and Ms. Gund was seated in her living room playing the component of bacount willing subject, flanked by her daughter Cat, who is a documentary filmmaker, and also Mr. Walker.

Over the firearea, wbelow the Lichtenstein once lived, was a painting by the African-Amerihave the right to artist Stanley Whitney. To her left was an Alexander Calder sculpture.


In September, she got her medal from the Getty. In October, she and also her daughter Cat accepted an award from the photography journal Aperture. Later this month, The Wall Street Journal will certainly honor Ms. Gund at its annual Innovator Awards.

Never mind that for a lot of the last year, she can barely walk, many thanks to a damaged foot. Or that because of allergies, her nose never stops running.

“The other day,” Ms. Gund sassist, “I stepped into the elevator and also sassist, ‘I have actually this cocaine habit.’ There were around 6 world and also they just looked so startled.”

Her disinclination to stop about herself is at the heart of why civilization clamor to celebrate her.

Since all this arisen while protesters were at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, unfurling banners and also scattering pill bottles inside the Sackler Wing, which is named for the household that owns Purdue Pharma, the agency that renders the powerful painkilling drug OxyContin, and also that are at the heart of the Amerideserve to opioid epidemic.

Comparable controversies ensued over the naming of a plaza out front at the Met (for the conservative billionaire David H. Koch) and the flagship building of the New York Public Library in Midtown (for Stephen A. Schwarzguy, the private equity investor).

Not lengthy after the Met cut the ribbon on Mr. Koch’s $65 million plaza, the museum announced it was eliminating as much as 100 jobs, affecting world in administrative, conservation and curatorial positions.

The New York Public Library accepted $100 million from Mr. Schwarzguy to aid transcreate its headquarters and then announced that three million of the publications inside were going to be shipped off to a storage facility in New Jersey to conserve money. (After an uproar, the library backpedaled.)

The rightward political leanings of Mr. Schwarzman and also Mr. Koch fed civic antipathy, but so did the seeming focus on capital improvements over art, publications and also after-school programs, the type of projects Ms. Gund has spent a lifetime working on.

Certainly, in 2014, while Ms. Gund was serving on approximately a dozen committees at MoMA, including her current position as chairmale of MoMA PS1, she publicly rebuked the museum over its second development plan in under a decade, telling The New York Times that “tbelow are a variety of us on the board who don’t desire to watch the museum end up being a mere entertainment facility.”

This, according to Glenn Lowry, the director of MoMA, was hardly the initially “intense” disagreement he has actually had actually via Ms. Gund over the years. He still thinks she was wrong to oppose the plan. But that did not adjust his estimation of her as an “extrasimple number at MoMA,” a perchild whose “moral compass” and “generosity of spirit” is “astounding.”

The fatality of David Rockefeller in 2017 at the age of 101 additionally helped fortify Ms. Gund’s legend. With him gone, she has actually come to be the great witch of Park Avenue, torchbearer for the responsibility of the well-off in an age dominated by vanity and hypocrisy.

“With the majority of these philanthropists, you don’t understand what the motives are or whether they’re going to be indicted in the following week,” sassist James Reginato, a writer at big at Vanity Fair. “Aggie personifies class in the old sense of the word. She’s unbesmirched by any type of kind of taint choose so many of them. She’s universally adored.”

This discussion was made to Ms. Gund. She badepend reacted — until Mr. Koch’s name was pointed out.

“David Koch is a person I don’t favor at all,” she sassist.

Who cares that he recently began supporting prikid reform?


If Ms. Gund ever before becomes the topic of a biographical movie, she will more than likely be played by Blythe Danner.

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Although Ms. Gund is a die-difficult gradual whose pocketbook is a digital A.T.M. for Democratic political leaders, tright here is a regal, practically atavistic high quality to her. She has actually masked her renegade leanings behind an old-world exterior.