Romale Reigns defeated AJ Styles and also effectively preserved his WWE World Heavyweight Championship for the second consecutive pay-per-watch Sunday night at Extreme Rules.

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A spear in midair was sufficient to register the victory for Reigns.

After the win, Seth Rollins make his return to WWE programming and assaulted Reigns. WWE caught video of Rollins hitting Reigns through a Pedigree: 

During the enhance, Luke Gpermits and also Karl Anderkid predictably aided Styles by attacking Reigns, and WWE Universe offered video of their entrance into the match:

The Usos would pertained to Reigns’ assist, and it turned right into a three-on-three event temporarily.

But ultimately, the action in the ring between Reigns and also Styles was as good as it gets featuring multiple big spots by both stars. Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer, Scott Fishmale of the Miami Herald and also provided their initial takes on the match: 


smFISHMANAJ Styles is remarkable. And boo him all you want...Roman Reigns is really great when that bell sounds. #WWE #ExtremeRules


Roman Reigns simply did a sitdvery own crucideal with powerbomb as world try to tell me he has actually no moves #ExtremeRules #WrestlingIncPodcast

Reigns and Styles have actually been involved in WWE"s most intriguing storyline considering that the night after WrestleMania 32 in April, as soon as the Phenomenal One was victorious in a Fatal 4-Way enhance to come to be No. 1 contender for the company"s height prize.

Styles dropped short in his effort to take the belt at WWE Payearlier on May 1, however he technically beat Reigns twice in that bout by count-out and also disqualification before Shane McMahon and also Stephanie McMahon restarted the complement.

The rivalry between the two top stars has intensified since then due largely to the inclusion of Anderchild, Genables and also The Usos.

On an episode of Raw leading approximately Extreme Rules, the Big Dog snapped and also put Styles via the announce table after he observed him hitting his cousins with a steel chair:

Roguy Reigns

I'd take a bullet for
WWEUsos any day. I told you, don't mess with The Family! #TableBomb #Raw

Styles, Anderson and also Genables were part of the Bullet Club in New Japan Pro Wrestling, and also collectively came together as The Club in the weeks before Extreme Rules.

Anderson made it clear that the brand-new group intfinished to run roughshod over WWE:

Karl Anderchild

We've always had actually a plan and also now we're here. It's a new era, and also The Club is the one leading the fill. #FallInLine #GetKnockedOut

In enhancement to that, Gpermits announced The Club"s desire to take dvery own Reigns and The Usos, that have actually been labeled as The Family in current weeks:

The Family has been defiant, however, as Jimmy and Jey vowed to store fighting alongside their cousin despite The Club"s advances:

The Usos

#TheClub has arrived?!? Our family has been here....welpertained to our yard. #DayOne #Raw

The dynamic between Reigns and Styles and also their seemingly inner battles with regard to appropriate and also wrong carried the angle in the weeks ahead of Extreme Rules.

Reigns employed heel techniques at times—such as putting Styles through a table—as did Styles once he struck The Usos with a chair. Even so, they showed respect for each other a lot of the moment and exercised restraint, such as when Styles refoffered to hit Reigns with a chair despite the urging of Anderchild and Gpermits.

That instance created an unpredictable landscape at Extreme Rules considering that it was unknown that was playing the heel and also who was playing the face, and also what role the likes of Anderchild, Gallows and also The Usos would certainly play.

Despite all the question marks affiliated, Reigns managed to come away victorious when aacquire and kept his spot at the peak of the mountain in WWE.

He and also Styles put on a impressive in-ring performance at Payback, and they were wonderful as soon as aobtain in the hardcore environment at Extreme Rules.

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While the crowd was clearly behind Styles even more so than Reigns, the former Shield powerhouse might be starting to acquire even more widespread respect from the WWE Universe because of his showings in the ring, on the mic and from a character-development perspective in recent weeks.

It will certainly likely take even more time and more comparable performances before Reigns is completely embraced, however Sunday was seemingly one more step in the ideal direction. It now shows up Rollins will certainly be the following opponent for Reigns—and also the initially legitimate threat to take his belt in quite some time.