ASU President, Dr. Quinton T. Ross, Jr., shelp the track renovations are component of in its entirety efforts to boost campus structures and also framework.

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Photo: Alabama State Athletics

MONTGOMERY Ala. – Alabama State University and also the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics freshly announced plans for renovations to the University’s track at the Houston Markham Complex.

ASU President, Dr. Quinton T. Ross, Jr., said the track renovations are component of as a whole initiatives to improve campus buildings and also facilities.

“The track is among a number of locations that autumn into the category of deferred maintenance on ASU’s campus,” Ross shelp. “Due to the fact that my tenure began in 2017, we have functioned systematically to administer upqualities campus-wide. The track has actually always been a priority for the Division of Facilities Management and also Operations, led by Vice President Donald Dotkid.

“Now, we are proud to announce that we have identified funding and occurred plans to renovate the track in such a means that is representative of the phenomenal accomplishments of our student-athletes and also coach Ritchie Beene.”

The renovations will be beneficial to the track and also field routine, which has garnered plenty of consecutive SWAC championships over the years. The track will certainly feature eight lanes and also likewise a space for jumps (high) at the west end of the facility.

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“The renovations to our track and area complex are a testament to the commitment of Dr. Ross and also our leadership to the student-athlete suffer and also the University neighborhood,” Alabama State Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Dr. Jason Cable sassist. “The state-of-the-art track will certainly even more boost our tremendous on-campus athletic framework.

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“Our track and also area program is just one of the most effective programs in the nation. The renovations of this facility will certainly carry out an possibility for coach Ritchie Beene and also his staff to continue to train at a high level, and provide an chance to attract optimal talent from about the country.”

The Alabama State track and also field /cross nation regimen has been just one of the finest in the nation under Beene’s management. The Hornets have won 40 conference championships under its present head coach, consisting of the last 11 outdoor championships on the women’s side and also the 2019 men’s outdoor championship. Since 1976, Alabama State has actually recorded 55 conference championships in its entirety for the track program.

“I am excited,” Beene said. “I am encouraged by what the renovations can carry out for our regime relocating forward. The student-athletes are excited, and the enhancements are going to elevate recruiting for track and area, and also cross country programs to the next level. There are some things we need to obtain done, but that is component of the process. That is part of the factor you sign up as a coach, and I am excited about the track upqualities. They will certainly not only help us gain some points done on a local and also nationwide level, yet likewise to acquire young children from the area involved in track and field.”