As his brand-new album’s title relates, Loudon Wainwbest III is Older Than My Old Man Now — his old male, of course, being the late Loudon Wainwright, Jr., the esteemed Life Magazine columnist and senior editor.

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“Singer-songwriter contemporaries of mine have freshly taken to composing memoirs and autobiographies,” notes Wainwappropriate. “I decided I would attempt to tell the story of my swinging life in a 3 and one-half minute song.”

He’s speaking specifically of the album’s lead track “The Here & the Now,” which features jazz guitar excellent John Scoarea and backing vocals from all 4 of Wainwright’s kids — Rufus and Martha Wainwbest, Lucy Wainwideal Roche and also Lexie Kelly Wainwright — as well as two of the three moms, Suzzy Roche and Ritamarie Kelly. But the album in its entirety reflects the stage he’s reached in his life, and also as he so wryly puts it, the “fatality ‘n’ decay” that inevitably accompanies it.

One track which cuts directly to the concern, “The Days That We Die,” remarkably brings together three generations of Wainwright males.

“My Dad composed the recitation, and also I’m singing via No. 1 boy Rufus,” says Wainwappropriate. “That’s my grandchild Arcangelo Albetta — Martha’s boy — I’m walking via on the beach photo that’s part of the CD artwork-related. Not only that, but Loudon Wainwideal I is referenced in the title track, so in truth tbelow are five generations represented on the album!”

Wainwright’s father, who died in 1988, also composed the recitation that introduces the album’s title track. “Please think me when I say that collaborating through my long gone progenitor at this late date felt pretty damn massive,” says his child, who likewise lifted the opening line of “Double Lifetime” from among the notebooks that his father offered to lug around via him to compose in.

Anvarious other vital family member who is no longer living, Wainwright’s ex-wife Kate McGarrigle (the mother of Rufus and Martha), is stood for by “Over The Hill” — “the one song we wrote together, method ago in 1975.” Martha Wainwright accarriers her father vocally on the track, as does multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Chaim Tannenbaum, his “musical sidekick and also sounding board” for over 40 years. Suzzy Roche retransforms to sing on “10,” and also also Wainwright’s lab/pit/cexactly how mix Harry, who’s been featured (in the lyrics) in a number of his songs in the last few years, appears on “Gorganize Blues” and the bonus downfill track for the album “No Tomorrow.”

But Older Than My Old Man Now, which was produced by Prick Connette (producer of Wainwright’s 2009 Grammy-winning High Wide & Handsome: The Charlie Poole Project), boasts stellar participants other than family members.

“One voice singing a lot around fatality ‘n’ decay deserve to be a bit wearing so Penis and I carried in other singers to help with the hefty lifting,” claims Wainwideal. “The venerable Chris Smither testifies with me on ‘Somebody Else,’ for which High Wide & Handsome alum Rob Moose composed the string setup. Barry Humphries, a.k.a. Dame Edna Everage, does a duet through me on ‘I Remember Sex.’ He and I were romantically connected in 2 episodes of Ally McBeal a few years earlier, and I’ve been besotted ever before considering that. Tbelow is no higher living and performing legend than Barry Humphries, for my money. And he’s even older than I am!”

Older than Wainwright, too, was one more personal hero that guests on Older Than My Old Man Now — people music legfinish and also 2 time Grammy winner Ramblin’ Jack Elliott.

“After making pilgrimages to Jack’s mirrors for half a century currently, for me to sing and also play with him on an album was nothing short of a dream come true,” he states, referring to “Double Lifetime.” “Recording this song through him — possibly my forethe majority of musical father number — was a gas.”

One various other old friend is noteworthy: Robin Morton, a starting member of legendary Celtic group the Boys of the Lough.

“We’ve recognized each various other since the at an early stage 1970s as soon as we were young hell raising/up-chucking Turks on the people music scene together,” recalls Wainwbest. “It was great fun to start recording Older Than ago in May at Robin’s studio in the tiny Scottish village of Temple — simply a wee bit south of Edinburgh.”

And from High Wide & Handsome also came the likes of guitar and banjo player Matt Munisteri, cellist Erik Friedlander, pianist Paul Asaro and also baid Tim Luntzel. Together, the brand-new album’s personnel produce song therapies ranging from fundamental guitar-and-vocal to innovative string settings — along with some swinging funk provided by Scofield.

Loudon Wainwright III concerned fame when “Dead Skunk” became a Top 20 hit in 1972. Born in Chapel Hill, N.C. in 1946, he had studied acting at Carnegie-Mellon University, however dropped out to partake in the Summer of Love in San Francisco.

He created his initially song in 1968, “Edgar” (around a lobsterguy in Rhode Island) and was quickly signed to Atlantic Records by Nesuhi Ertegun. Clive Davis lured him to Columbia Records — which released “Dead Skunk.” His recording career now consists of 25 albums, likewise consisting of last year’s five-disc retrospective 40 Odd Years and his the majority of recent studio album 10 Songs For The New Depression (2010).

Wainwright’s songs have been videotaped by Johnny Cash, Earl Scruggs, Kate & Anna McGarrigle, Rufus Wainwappropriate, and also Mose Allikid, among others. He has collaborated through songwriter/producer Joe Henry on the music for Judd Apatow’s hit movie Knocked Up, created music for the British theatrical adaptation of the Carl Hiaasen novel Lucky You, and also created topical songs for NPR’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered and ABC’s Nightline.

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Also an completed actor, Wainwappropriate has actually appeared in films directed by Martin Scorsese, Hal Ashby, Christopher Guest, Tim Burton, Cameron Crowe, and also Judd Apatow. He has actually likewise starred on TV in M.A.S.H. and Unasserted, and on Broadmethod in Pump Boys and also Dinettes.

Made me howl through laughter one minute and also then emotionally take me to areas were various other CD’s are afraid to tread…