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History of Thturbulent The Looking Glass was founded in Sudbury in 1976 by Christine, it was the initially of 3 the others were Kensington and Ealing. In 44 years Thturbulent the Looking Glass” (TTLG) has actually relocated with the times and have now down sized and also enjoys a much more tranquil style of working, offering time to our clients . We strictly follow the current Covid 19 rule. Our Venue is inclusive and exclusive, we use and also retail just high quality assets. 

In 2012 Club Alice Hair was developed , Christine has produced a community spirited interaction for those that come to be component of the “Club Alice Hair” suffer.

We have actually free book exchange anyone is welpertained to usage this organization and have actually selection of greetings cards for eexceptionally occasion from 30p to £2.20. Tright here is likewise a pop-up shop with a variety of small antiques. All the proceeds go to the Club Alice Opera Fund, which aims to present kids to the world of opera.


We stock a vast array of high quality hair assets, including:

Morochave the right to Oil, Kerastraight, Wella System Professional Eimi and the specialist aid for hair loss Nioxin device. We also have actually a variety of colour glossing assets for home use

For an appointment please email or contact on (020) 8904 1860 please leave your message clearly and also repeat your telephone number for us to rerevolve your contact. Or fill in the call create to the ideal.

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Brent Small Business Awards

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The facts for salons, dyeing children’s hair deserve to be a controversial topic. Here’s what you need to know in terms of the legal implications if your under 16 boy asks for hair colourIt’s advised not to apply dye that has PPD* to the hair of youngsters under 16. Darker shades of dyes pose a greater threat of an allergic reactivity as these colours can contain better concentrations of PPD.NHF/NBF chief executive Hilary Hall explains: “Certain chemicals (such as PPD) are commonly discovered in permanent hair colour and also some semi-long-term colours, so it’s crucial to constantly inspect the labels to watch if the product includes them. Hair colour containing these chemicals should never be provided on anyone under the age of 16.”“It is a legal requirement for hair dyes containing these chemicals to be labelled ‘not for use on kids under 16’. These chemicals are safe for usage on most human being over the age of 16, however anyone can develop an allergy to them at any kind of time, which is why allergy alert experimentation is so essential for clients over the age of 16.”Hilary adds, “It’s additionally crucial to realise that a salon’s insurance policy will certainly not cover applying hair colour containing these chemicals to kids – so there are potential financial threats for your business too. The NHF/NBF offers guidance on as soon as allergy alert tests are necessary and also just how often they have to be done.”Although there are other choices such as organic or vegetable-based hair dyes which don’t contain PPD, it’s necessary to always review the ingredients list.*PPD (paraphenylenediamine or p-phenylenediamine) is most regularly linked via allergic reactions to hair colorants, yet civilization who are allergic to PPD are very most likely to be allergic to similar chemicals such as para-toluenediamine (PTD).