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- I"ll think I"m in a pirate"s cave.

- I think I"ll be an Indian brave.

- Now everybody attempt. One, two, three!

- We have the right to fly! We deserve to fly! We have the right to fly!

- This will not carry out. What"s the matter with you?

- All it takes is belief and trust. Oh, and also something I foracquired. Dust!

- Dust?

- Yep. Just a small bit of pixie dust.

- Now, think of the happiest things. It"s the exact same as having wings.

- Let"s all try it simply when more.

- Look! We"re climbing off the floor.

- Jiminy!

- Oh, my!

- We can fly!

- You have the right to fly!

- We have the right to fly!

- Come on, everybody. Here we go! Off to Never Land!

- Think of a wonderful believed, any kind of merry little bit thought.


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Peter Pan (1953) Sound Clip


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Actors: Bobby Driscoll (Peter Pan), Kathryn Beaumont (Wendy Darling), Hans Conried (Captain Hook)

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