26 Prepare a Post-Closing Trial Balance

The ninth, and also commonly final, step of the procedure is to prepare a post-cshedding trial balance. The word “post” in this instance implies “after.” You are preparing a trial balance after the closing entries are finish.

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Like all trial balances, the post-closing trial balance has the project of verifying that the debit and also crmodify totals are equal. The post-closing trial balance has actually one added task that the various other trial balances perform not have actually. The post-closing trial balance is also provided to double-inspect that the just accounts via balances after the closing entries are permanent accounts. If tbelow are any temporary accounts on this trial balance, you would certainly know that tright here was an error in the closing process. This error need to be solved prior to starting the new period.

The procedure of preparing the post-closing trial balance is the very same as you have done when preparing the unadjusted trial balance and also adjusted trial balance. Only permanent account balances have to show up on the post-cshedding trial balance. These balances in post-closing T-accounts are transferred over to either the delittle bit or crmodify column on the post-cshedding trial balance. When all accounts have actually been videotaped, total each column and verify the columns equal each various other.

The post-closing trial balance for Printing Plus is displayed in (Figure).


(Figure)Identify which of the following accounts would be detailed on the company’s Post-Closing Trial Balance.

Accounts ReceivableAccumulated DepreciationCashOffice ExpenseNote PayableRent RevenueRetained EarningsUnearned Rent Revenue

(Figure)Identify which of the adhering to accounts would not be noted on the company’s Post-Closing Trial Balance.

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(Figure)The adhering to Post-Closing Trial Balance contains errors. Prepare a corrected Post-Closing Trial Balance:


(Figure)Assuming the adhering to Adjusted Trial Balance, produce the Post-Closing Trial Balance that would certainly result after all closing journal entries were made and also posted:


(Figure)Assuming the complying with Adjusted Trial Balance, re-create the Post-Closing Trial Balance that would result after all cshedding journal entries were made and posted:


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