it’s remarkable to me to see practically 3,000 human being (and also counting daily) hopping on board to support
as you’ll see from the attach i’m around to provide you, i’m going to be doing some level of muzic-ivan.infoging over on patreon currently.

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i’ve been talking around this via friends (and neil, who used to be a more avid muzic-ivan.infoger) and the numbers are in….
the comments and also hits on the are going dvery own, down, down due to civilization migrating over to facebook and twitter and
the favor. it’s not just me, it’s the mechanism. yet it’s likewise me, i don’t compose a everyday, i’ve been spreading my content all over
various platcreates, trying to reach everybody…it’s been sort of a pain in my ass. i want everybody in one location, and i
the muzic-ivan.infoging/creating i’m going to execute on patreon is going to be limited, i think, to a pair things.
i’m going to be writing/posting some LONG-FORM stuff: interviews/essays/lost book passeras that i decide to finally
re-write, edit and also publish as stand-alone pieces. those will live on the, and also i’ll sfinish patreon over here to read.
i’m also going to release composing ABOUT THE THINGS i’m releasing tright here. it’s mainly read-only content anyway, not really
fodder for conversation and also comments various other than OMG I LOVE YOUR NEW SONG, and also you deserve to tell me that below, or on twitter,
my day to day THIS IS WHAT I’M DOING AND HOW I AM FEELING muzic-ivan.infos will greatly still live below, because as much as i’m loving the area vibe on patreon,
it feels to weird to paywall my comments. i simply don’t desire to perform that ever, i always want the conversation open to everyone,,,,yes, even the right-wing republicans that will certainly come and write-up limericks around just how i need to have actually a bomb shoved up my c*nt. they deserve their voice as well. that being said: there may be times as soon as i desire to talk about somepoint that i simply don’t feel like giving as much as the world-at-large…some individual, intimate, fragile, probably politically incorrect, who knows piece of content. THAT might go on patreon, because you know what? i don’t always want to deal with the whole civilization analysis my shit. occasionally it’s nice to just talk to friends. if i ever before execute anything favor that and also the content feels considerable, i’ll holler over right here. i don’t desire this to feel neglected.
and also via that short, gulpy, speech out of the way, here’s the attach to the story and also the stream of the new song.
i videotaped the track this fall. i’d composed it a year or so prior as soon as points via anthony’s cancer and my internet kerfuffles really hit the shitfan.
i asked zoe keating (that was, at the moment, handling her very own husband’s cancer battle) to document a cello component for it.

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her husband also, jeff, passed away a few weeks ago. it’s a particularly weird and beautiful time to put a track choose this out, the poeattempt of life doesn’t soptimal.