Acceleration constraint provides a well-characterized relationship in between the acceleration of two or even more objects.

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Concern 1

According to the discussion in our textbook, the general interpretation of the term "acceleration constraint" is that, in some circumstances, we deserve to say:

a. two objects have to acceleprice in the same direction.

b. an item is prevented from accelerating.

c. the acceleration of an object has to be positive.

d. 2 objects must have accelerations of equal magnitude.

Inquiry 2

Consider the 2 ropes presented in the diagram. Is the stress in rope 2 higher than, much less than, or equal to the anxiety in rope 1?


a. Equal to.

b. Greater than.

c. Less than.

Question 3

The propulsion force on a auto is due to:

a. elastic power.

b. the automobile engine.

c. kinetic friction.

d. static friction.

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