Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Genius Clear Waterproof Gel is a multifunction cosmetic gel which seals powder makeup in location.

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Key benefits and ingredients: Appropriate for use on the eyelids, challenge, lips and on the body, Beauty Genius Clear Waterproof Gel bonds, seals and waterproofs any powder, loose pigment, eye shadows and cosmetic glitter for sturdy results. Designed to produce waterproof eyeliners through your favourite eye shadow or binding loose glitter and pigment to the skin, Beauty Genius Clear Waterproof Gel have the right to additionally be supplied over lipstick for sturdy wear.

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I gained this as a gift from my sister who bought it in the US. I use this clear eyebrow gel after applying eyebrow pencil onto my eyebrows. The dimension of the tube is just perfect - it provides application so easy! The bristles of the wand are likewise firm enough to provide a nice clean coat of gel onto the eyebrows via simply a couple of application strokes. I particularly choose exactly how it spreads the colour of my eyebrow pencil evenly throughout my whole eyebrow so it makes my eyebrows look perfect! Awesome product, yet a tad bit expensive. I would recommend this product to anyone that desires a collection of also, neat brows.

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The best point about this product is that it can be brow gel, glitter adhesive or to waterproof powder commodities. It comes in a clear glass tube, very sleek. The applicator is a soft plastic spatula supplied to scoop the product. The gel is not clear. I generally use this to mix with my babsence eyeshadow to use as eyeliner and as a brow gel. Do usage a spooly to brush your brows if you intfinish to use this as a brow gel. Everypoint becomes more long-lasting, waterproof and budge proof after this product. Highly recommended!

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This product is so versatile, I'm in love. I usage it to prime my lips and also it would certainly never before fail to prevent my lip colors from bleeding. I deserve to drink and eat without worrying that my lip shade can deliver. As a brow gel, it is not the ideal yet it does what it's dubbed for by taming my brows and maintaining them in location. Would repurchase this!

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