If you’re planning to buy a hair clipper and also begin cutting your own hair rather of paying loads of money for continuous haircuts – congrats on taking the matters into your own hands!

When it concerns buying the best hair clippers, knowing which models are top rated presently on the industry is exceptionally advantageous. Once aget, we’re here to aid you pick the finest hair clippers for your requirements.

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We current you Andis BGRC – our optimal pick that works favor a cdamage for high-volume haircutting. If features a powerful, smooth, and also quiet rotary motor that remains cool. It functions through all other Andis CeramicEdge and also UltraEdge knives and is lighter than the rest of the blade clippers. The Andis BGRC Pro Detachable blade clipper rivals the renowned Oster Standard 76. It originates from the renowned Andis household that has actually been making trimmers and clippers for almost a century currently, so you understand you’re buying a high-quality product from a firm that is reliable and also trusted global.

Features of Andis BGRC


Pros and Cons


Quiet and powerful;Clean cuts;Small and also lightweight;The outliner blade gets way closer than various other clippers;Easy to hold;Converts to a cordmuch less hair clipper using SensaCharge and BGR+ battery fill (marketed separately);Ceramic edge blades that remain cool;Detachable blades;Extremely resilient.


Blades are as well sharp;Quite expensive.

Customers complained around an additional point. Click below to check out what it is.

What do the users say?

According to Amazon reviews, the Andis BGRC has a 4.6 out of 5-star rating. Out of the customers who have bought these hair clippers:

73% of customers have provided them 5 stars;18% of customers have provided them 4 stars;9% of customers have actually offered them 3 stars.

That’s ideal. There’s no 1-star and 2-star rating, which tells a lot about this product.

How a lot execute these hair clippers cost?

These clippers are provided at $199, but Amazon often puts them on sale. Click right here to check if they’re on sale right now!


If you’re trying to find a high-quality and also resilient hair clippers, the Andis BGRC is worth your consideration. You won’t uncover better hair clippers that provide adaptability and power to make haircutting a straightforward process.

Andis BGRC is made of polymer, so it’s exceptionally durable. It feels softer and it additionally absorbs vibration which is great for hairstylists throughout long-term extended cutting.

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Got more questions? Read Q&A area on Amazon to get answers to anything!

This product here is among the finest hair clippers presently on the sector because it gives more power and also much better functions than equivalent products. These clippers are easy to use considering that they feature contoured housings, so holding them for extfinished periods of time is easy.