110. Anvarious other name for a funding expenditure is: A. Revenue expenditure.B. Asset expenditure.C. Long-term expenditure.D. Contributed funding expenditure.E. Balance sheet expenditure.

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111. Extrasimple repairs: A. Are revenue expenditures.B. Extfinish an asset"s helpful life beyond its original estimate.C. Are credited to accumulated depreciation.D. Are additional expenses of plants assets that carry out not materially increase the asset"s life.E. Are expensed as incurred.
112. Ordinary repairs: A. Are expenditures to save an ascollection in normal operating condition.B. Are crucial if an asset is to perform to expectations over its helpful life.C. Are treated as prices.D. Include cleaning, lubricating, and normal adjusting.E. All of these.
113. Betterments: A. Are expenditures making a plant ascollection even more reliable or abundant.B. Are additionally dubbed renovations.C. Do not constantly increase an asset"s life.D. Are capital expenditures.E. All of these.
114. An asset"s book worth is $18,000 on June 30, 2008. The ascollection is being depreciated at an annual rate of $3,000 on the straight-line technique. Assuming the ascollection is sold on December 31, 2009 for $15,000, the firm need to record: A. A loss on sale of $1,500.B. A obtain on sale of $1,500.C. Neither a get nor a loss is known on this form of transaction.D. A gain on sale of $3,000.E. A loss on sale of $3,000.

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115. An asset"s book worth is $36,000 on January 1, 2008. The asset is being depreciated $500 per month making use of the straight-line method. Assuming the asset is marketed on July 1, 2009 for $25,000, the agency have to record: A. Neither a obtain or loss is well-known on this type of transaction.B. A get on sale of $2,000.C. A loss on sale of $1,000.D. A acquire on sale of $1,000.E. A loss on sale of $2,000.
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