You may remember Antonella Barba from her appearance on season 6 of American Idol when she made it into the Top 16. Around the same time, she got a lot of media attention when some NSFW photographs of her showed up online. Antonella was inevitably arrested for allegedly trying to distribute heroin. Where is she now?

Antonella’s Time on ‘Idol’

Antonella Barban initial came right into the public eye once she auditioned for AmericanIdol in 2007. Right prior to the optimal 12 was schosen, yet, she was eliminated amid some scandalous photos surfaced digital. These consisted of her posing in a wet t-shirt in the fountain of the World War II Memorial in Washington, DC, which a lot of criticized as disrespectful.

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After Idol, she returned to college to earn her architecture degree. Things were looking up for Antonella then, however she discovered herself in trouble again in 2011, this time for shoplifting in NYC.

Antonella Arrested for Heroin Possession via Intent to Distribute

In 2018, Antonella was arrested for possession and also conspiring to distribute 830 grams (nearly 2 pounds) of fentanyl. According to the Norindividual Sheriff’s Office, Antonella faced a felony charge of heroin distribution of 100g or even more.

At the moment of arremainder, Antonella was traveling through Hampton Roads to Florida. Court records additionally revealed that she had actually a pending charge of Possession of Marijuana in Kansas at the very same time.

Although Antonella initially pleaded not guilty to the charges, she ultimately changed her plea to guilty and also was sentenced to prichild for 45 months. Her lawyers shelp she was “devastated” that she didn’t perdevelop better on Idol, which bring about her actions.


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