They say as soon as you die your brain has actually around 8 secs of brain activity in which you go into a dream state. Now it is understand that in a dream state 8 seconds can feel favor a life time in which you live out your life. Now this would define why we have deja vu and those world you"ve never before met yet look so familiar. So just how are we to know if we are still alive or simply reliving our previous life stuck in an boundless loop?


I came upon this short article which has some pretty solid principles around the scientific research behind déjà-vus.

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I think that you "relive your life" in a means that suggests you have actually already proficient everything that you can"t re-experience; you"re going earlier with all your memories and remembering the emovements you had actually when felt; you currently recognize whatever that happens in your life bereason you have lived it. The expression, "your life flashes prior to your eyes," implies to me you remember and also watch your life go by in that brief minute. You"re no much longer a living enduring perchild in that life which has involved pass, yet in that dream state you"re a viewer, remembering what was.



This is an instance of a "loaded question", through premises such as that we are "just reliving our previous life stuck in an unlimited loop". Due to the fact that we have actually no proof to assistance this insurance claim, it would be impossible to understand if such a claim is true without this proof.

On the question of our being "still alive", this depends on the interpretation of being "alive" in question. If one takes being "alive" to describe one continuing their experience of life, then considering that we continually receive such a type of input, the existence of this input permits us to recognize that we are "still alive".


What is the distinction between our dreams and also our so referred to as awakened state? Are they not both being saw by the exact same "awareness"? Do they not both feel genuine as we are suffering them, and are they not both temporary experiences... Even now, we are in a dream, dreaming that we are awake!


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