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Term Social Responsibility
Definition proposes that a exclusive corporation has actually obligations to society that extfinish beyond making a profit.

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Term Friedman"s Traditional View of Firm Responsibility
Definition says versus the concept of social duty. Acting from motives various other than financial and also might, in the lengthy run, harm the very society the firm is trying to help. By taking on the burden of these social expenses, the organization becomes much less effective.
Term Carroll"s Four Responsibilities of Business
Definition 1. Economic- Goods & Services(MUST DO)2. Legal- Obey the law(Have to Do)3. Ethical- Generally held ideas of society(Should Do)4. Discretionary- Voluntary Obligations(Might Do)
Term Economic Responsibilities
Definition obligations of a organization organization"s monitoring are to create products and solutions of value to culture so that the firm might repay its creditors and shareholders
Term Legal responsibilities
Definition responsibilities identified by federal governments in legislations that monitoring is meant to obey.
Term Ethical responsibilities
Definition obligations that administration should follow the mainly hosted ideas about habits in a culture.
Term Discretionary responsibilities
Definition obligations that are pudepend voluntary obligations a corporation assumes.
Term stakeholders
Definition individuals, teams, or organizations that influence or are influenced by a business
Term enterpclimb strategy
Definition an overarching strategy that explicitly articulates the firm"s ethical connection with its stakeholders
Term stakeholder analysis
Definition the identification and also testimonial of corpoprice stakeholders, which have the right to be done in a three step process:1. ID Main stakeholders2. ID Secondary stakeholders3. Estimate the result on each stakeholder team from any kind of specific strategic decision
Term Key stakeholders
Definition those that have actually a straight link via the corporation and who have enough baracquiring power to directly influence corpoprice activities
Term Secondary stakeholders
Definition those that have an indirect stake in the corporation but that are likewise influenced by corpoprice tasks. Examples: NGOs, neighborhood communities, and governments
Term Relationship based countries
Definition countries that tfinish to be much less transparent and have actually a greater level of corruption than various other nations.
Term Ethics
Definition consensually embraced standards of behavior
Term Moral Relativism
Definition case that principles is relative to some individual, social, or cultural standard and that tright here is no technique for deciding whether one decision is better than another.
Term 4 Types of Mdental Relativism
Definition 1. Naive relativism- individuals dominion their very own lives2. Role relativism- social duties have actually particular obligations3. Social group relativism- complying with norms of a peer group or social group4. Cultural relativism- morality varies in between societies, societies, however not to judge them
Term Kohlberg"s Levels of Moral Development
Definition 1. Pre-Conventional level: avoiding punishment & quid pro quo, issue for self...children2. The conventional level: considerations of society"s laws and also norms. Actions are justified by an external code of conduct3. The principled level: person"s adherence to an inner ethical code. An individual at this level looks beyond standards or regulations to discover universal values or principles.
Term code of ethics
Definition mentions how an organization expects its employees to behave actually while on the job
Term whistle blowers
Definition employees who report illegal or unmoral behavior on the component of others
Term morality
Definition the precepts of personal habits based upon spiritual or philosophical grounds
Term law
Definition describes formal codes that permit or forbid specific behaviors and also may or may not enforce values or morality
Term 3 fundamental ideologies to honest behavior
Definition 1. Utilitarian approach2. Individual civil liberties approach3. Justice approach
Term Utilitarian approach
Definition proposes that actions and also plans have to be judged by their after-effects. People need to therefore behave in a way that will certainly produce the greatest benefit to culture and also develop the leastern harm or the lowest expense.
Term Individual civil liberties approach
Definition proposes that human beings have particular fundamental legal rights that need to be respected in all decisions. It motivates selfish behavior
Term Justice approach
Definition proposes that decision devices be equitable, fair, and impartial in the distribution of prices and benefits to individuals and teams.

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Term 3 questions for addressing ethical problems
Definition 1. Utility: Does it optimize the satisfactions of all stakeholders?2. Rights: Does it respect the rights of the people involved?3. Justice: Is it continuous through the canons of justice?
Term Kant"s Golden Rule
Definition 1. Treat others as you would certainly have actually them treat you2. A perboy must never treat another human being simply as a means but always as an end.