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Have you watched the new Sindicate Straight Ceramic Hair Brush? It’s a brand-new product and also after seeing the TV commercial, I uncovered it intriguing. Being an addict to straightening my hair and constantly trying to find something brand-new and also amazing I chose to attempt it. This article contains my full testimonial of the Simply Straight Brush and also my personal endure utilizing it.

I"ve additionally tested various other brush straighteners: Apalus Brush Straightener, the Caju Brush Straightener and also the Asavea Brush Straightener, so I hope this Simply Straight brush review will carry out a new perspective once comparing it vs peer assets obtainable on the sector at similar price variety.


What Is The Simply Straight Brush?

One of the latest hairbrush warm devices, the Sindicate Straight Ceramic Hairbrush is certainly not the first one to hit the marketlocation. These heated hairbrushes have actually been obtainable for a couple of years and also eexceptionally brand-new generation brings a better, up-to-day hair tool through added benefits and boosted outcomes.

The Sindicate Straight Brush is available at an affordable price suggest. At that price suggest you get essentially a new-generation straightening tool. It looks fairly favor a big hairbrush and is coated with ceramic. The bristles are likewise ceramic and also there’s a plastic-coated handle. Attached to the manage is the cord which plugs in to a nearby outlet. The brush handle has actually switches which control temperature and switch the hair tool on and off.

What Does The Brush Do?


The brush guarantees to straighten the hair and banish the risk of heat damages while doing so. I perform agree that straightening brushes are safer to use on hair than standard straighteners through plates however as with eexceptionally single hair tool, you should usage a decent top quality hair defense spray or equivalent prior to styling.

What is particularly good about these straightening brushes is that it doesn’t push your hair together, quite it glides over hair making use of its heated bristles and body to smooth and also straighten. This brush is additionally suitable for thick, lengthy hair (consisting of Afro hair types) as it reaches a high temperature (up to 185 degrees Celsius).

Notable product features include:

High temperature of as much as 450 levels F.Cool setting to create waves.LCD temperature screen.185 different temperature settings, suitable for all hair types.Auto shut-for security (after 30 minutes lying dormant).Compact design, ideal for take a trip.180 second heat up time.Ready indicator light.8m swivel cord.12 month guarantee.

What Hair Type Is The Simply Straight Ceramic Hair Brush Proper For?

I firmly think that this brush is suitable for all hair forms as long as it is used effectively. So if you have thin, fine or damaged hair don’t set it at an extremely high temperature and constantly use heat protection spray or similar prior to styling. Don’t go over and over the same sections of hair either as this puts hair under press and reasons damages. Thicker hair can take a higher temperature however even if you are blessed through incredibly thick hair, you need to likewise use an excellent warm security spray.


What you can expect is rate. It functions really easily on my shoulder size hair. The ceramic brush lifts hair from the root so it doesn’t leave it too level either. You need to area out the back of your hair because you might miss the underneath and acquire kinks. So start with the underneath and job-related your means to the optimal layer of hair.

I didn’t think my hair was as sleek and also shiny as it sassist it would be however I used some serum after that to get the shine I wanted. I would usage this straightening brush as soon as in a hurry and it’s excellent to pack amethod and take to the gym for example, as soon as you want to acquire out quick!

Other notable positives include:

Inexpensive (various other comparable models are vastly even more expensive).Rapid and also simpler to use than various other straighteners because you glide it with the hair. So there’s no must store putting sections in-between plates.Compact, so it’s ideal for traveling or using on the go.Excellent for achieving a fully straight look (view my results below for more detail).Extremely easy to use, simply brush!Works conveniently, simply ten minutes for my tool thickness hair.Great for when you’re in a hurry!I love the auto-shut off bereason I can be fairly forgetful so no fear of the product over-heating.LCD display display so you have the right to see the temperature screen.


Cannot be used on wet hair. So you need to dry hair off initially (although this is the very same disadvantage typical straighteners have).Slow to heat up – 180 seconds (3 minutes). Other hair tools heat up in one minute.It does feel hefty after a while, would be better if it was lighter in weight.It have the right to snag hair. To prevent unwanted snagging and also pulling, brush hair thoapproximately before using.It is challenging to gain body out of this brush as it provides hair look very flat. However, you can gain some lift if you pull upwards through the brush before traveling dvery own the size of your hair.Doesn’t get hair as shiny as when utilizing a standard set of hair straighteners.Despite utilizing a reduced temperature, it is very tough to achieve a wave in hair using this brush.It’s tough to usage on exceptionally thick hair because it doesn’t seem to reach all the way with, for this reason the prestige of really sectioning out hair to make certain tright here aren’t any kind of non-straightened locations left.If your ends require trimming, this brush really shows it bereason it’s difficult to tuck hair under or flip it using this brush.

Ssuggest Straight Brush Alternatives?

There are hair straighteners of course and also they’re a good bet for directly shiny hair however they’re harsher on hair than the new-breed straightening brushes. I would certainly definitely avoid traditional straighteners if I had fine, thin or damaged hair and opt for a straightening brush instead.

There’s additionally the excellent old fashioned hair dryer which gets hair right, yet it takes much longer and it’s harder to accomplish salon-complete shine unmuch less you’re a trained hairdresser.

Tbelow are additionally other hair straightening brushes on the market. I"ve included a comparichild of other famous straightening brushes vs the Sindicate Straight Brush.

Dafni vs Simply Straight Brush

Both brushes look incredibly similar. The Dafni straightening brush was the initially straightening brush to concerned sector and also the Dafni brush is a tried and also tested hair tool. The Ssuggest Straight Brush is designed to straighten curly, wavy or frizzy hair quick making use of heated bristles. The Dafni is designed to provide comparable results.

Major differences between the Dafni brush encompass a faster warmth up time and greater quality products. Dafni"s brush consists of patented modern technology designed to ensure better high quality product via a longer useful life. The Dafni brush is a well-built piece of modern technology and straigh10s conveniently, generally in one pass (as does the Ssuggest Straight). Both brushes incorporate ceramic coated bristles and distribute warm evenly.

Dafni represents a high high quality brand name choice so it does incorporate a higher price point than the Ssuggest Straight Brush.

For a complete review of the Dafni Straightening Brush, click below.

Straight Brush vs Apalus

The Apalus represents another version of the straightening brush and also provides a slightly reduced price allude than the Simply Straight Brush. The main distinction is the newest generation of the Apalus is slightly different in shape, as it’s more rectangular. Earlier earlier versions of the Apalus straightening brush were rounded, favor the Sindicate Straight Brush.

The Apalus likewise has a massager attribute that stimulates the scalp so it boasts an extra role than the Sindicate Straight Brush. The massage attribute additionally emits negative ions which supply shine, something that many straightening brushes fail to execute. Like the Ssuggest Straight Brush, the Apalus is made out of ceramic via plastic.

However, the Apalus brush uses better temperatures, up to 446 levels F, so it copes better with incredibly thick, coarse hair. With a variable temperature, Apalus is also suited to all hair types. Like the Sindicate Straight Brush, the Apalus likewise has auto shut-off (after one hour of dormant use) and its dual voltage suggests you can use it once traveling.

It’s difficult to pick in between the Ssuggest Straight and the Apalus bereason they deliver comparable results. However before, if you have actually incredibly thick, coarse hair I would certainly suggest the Apalus simply bereason it achieves a higher temperature.

For a complete testimonial of the Apalus straightening brush, click right here.

Asavea vs Sindicate Straight

The Asavea straightening brush is available for a really comparable price as the Simply Straight Brush. On the surface, both look extremely comparable, yet the Asavea brush provides a different shade. The Asavea brush feels incredibly solid though and also the babsence shade is sleek. The Asavea brush temperature is displayed on an LCD display screen and also it reaches as much as 446 levels F, so it’s a good bet if you have actually extremely thick hair. The cord rotates, making it extremely simple to style at the ago and also it comes via its very own take a trip situation.

All in all, both straightening brushes are incredibly similar to each various other and any kind of of them make excellent options.

How To Use The Ssuggest Straight Brush

It’s crucial to note that this brush cannot be supplied on wet or damp hair. Hair must be entirely dry before usage. It’s constantly excellent to start via freshly waburned and dried hair yet the brush is still perfectly suitable to usage in-between washing, to pep up a style

So the ideal way to usage the Sindicate Straight Ceramic Hairbrush is as follows:

Plug the brush in and switch it onSelect the preferred temperature; store it low if your hair is fine, damaged or shortMove the temperature upward the thicker your hairThen spray in a warmth defense productBrush hair thoroughlySection hair out (this is vital as unfavor hair straighteners, the straightening brush cannot reach the underneath specifically on thick hair so be certain to split hair into sections)Check the hair straightening brush has reached desired temperature (there is a light that will certainly illuminate as soon as it’s temperature-ready)Start at the earlier of your head and also unravel the initially sectionBrush the straightening brush over the section – for volume, lift the hair at the root firstIt must straighten in one pass (depending on thickness of hair)Then repeat through all the sections on your headFinish with a small serum or similar

My Experience Using the Sindicate Straight Brush

It looks favor a continual hairbrush except it has a cord which you plug into an electric source. The concept is that it straightens hair out as it brushes. It’s not like the air stylers though so you can’t usage this on wet hair, hair need to be dry first. Wash it, dry it and apply a heat protecting spray, although the ceramic technology assures sleek hair without frizz which is always a bonus. 

I discovered the brush simple to usage, yet I felt it took also lengthy to warmth up. My hair is reasonably thick and also just past my shoulders, however it is very dry hair and also I am very careful with it, tending to usage heated hair tools sparingly.

I followed all the measures as I noted over. They are what I commonly do if I’m using a warm hair tool that can’t be offered on wet hair.

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Extra Straight Hair?

As a basic preeminence, when blow drying my hair via a hair dryer it takes about 40 minutes to achieve my style. I perform choose body though. The problem through this hair brush was that it did straighten my hair easily, however it straightened it as well well and I felt I had actually absence of activity and also flat hair that didn’t carry out much. However before, if you’re trying to find very directly hair, this hair straightening tool will tick the box, me? I favor my hair through body…! I have to say though, my hair was still straight the following day, after going out at night and also then sleeping on it!

If you"re just contemplating acquiring a brush straightener and also you do not recognize which would certainly work best for your hair kind, simply take a look at our Complete guide of hair straightening brushes for each hair kind.