On Sept. 5, 2015, Cameron and Christopher Ervin served their parental fees Xanax-laced cocktails and also waited.

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When their parents finally — and drowsily — saw bed, the brothers lit candles in the living room, turned the gas on and also sat outside. They hoped their home would certainly blow up, as one had actually under comparable circumstances in their family"s favorite display, "The Haves and Have Nots."

It did not. They"d planned for their parents to go quietly, cleanly, yet that was no longer an choice. They"d have to go ago inside and deal with it another means.

They tried to strangle their parental fees that night, and they beat them with the butt of a shotgun. They stabbed their father over and also over and over again, in the kitchen, in the garage.

Their mother, though, controlled to call 911, and the police arrived. Both paleas survived and, on Monday, Cameron and also Christopher Ervin — 17 and also 22 years old, respectively, at the moment of the strike — gotten in guilty pleas Monday in Gwinnett County Superior Court. They expressed remorse, and their parents expressed forgiveness, and they were sentenced to serve 20 years in prichild.

But what brought about the attack? What sparked the rage of two brothers elevated in a seemingly comfortable, middle course, submetropolitan Snellville household? How did points get so bad?

Testimony during Monday"s hearing did not shine a lot light on what straw, specifically, damaged the camel"s earlier, or if tright here even was one. But it better proved exactly how years of simmering familial anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse and possible psychological health and wellness battles lastly came to a boil.


Christopher and Cameron Ervin (Credit: Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office)
Faded dreams

After Christopher Ervin graduated from Shiloh High School, he saw the College of Charleston in West Virginia to play footsphere. His dad had actually played in college — was a "star," according to a Gwinnett County police detective — and also he had substantial shoes to fill.

Christopher"s time in West Virginia, though, was short lived. He left after only a year, and moved to Valdosta State University. He shortly, however, didn"t have actually sufficient money to continue or sufficient credits to graduate.

He moved earlier house, inevitably tried finishing at Georgia State, and also failed.

Air Force? Failed drug test. Job functioning a forklift at his father"s company? Failed drug test.

He acquired right into a car accident wright here, according to his father, Zachary, he"d been drinking but let off by the responding police officer. His father later discovered Xanax in the pocket of the pants he"d been wearing.

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His paleas kbrand-new he"d been cigarette smoking pot, they said Monday, yet didn"t realize the level of his difficulties.

"Before I came below, prior to I was arrested, I honestly was at the lowest suggest in my life," Christopher Ervin said in the time of the hearing. "After graduating high institution, I boosted drug use to the allude wbelow it became not only somepoint that I felt that I needed to have actually, to cope via my days, but it was also something that hindered me from being my finest."