Pro-democracy opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi (R) and also US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton organize hands as they stop after meeting at Suu Kyi"s residence in Rangoon, Burma, December 2, 2011.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met through Burma"s democracy leader and national hero, Aung San Suu Kyi, Friday and described the Nobel laureate as an old frifinish and inspiration.

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"It was favor seeing a frifinish you hadn"t watched for a very long time also though it was our initially meeting," Clinton told the BBC.

"It was incredibly emotional and gratifying to check out her free from the many kind of years of house arremainder."

Photographs present the 2 female people leaders laughing together and embracing one an additional as they provide a joint push conference external Suu Kyi"s Rangoon house, wbelow she invested much of the past 2 years under home arrest.

Clinton also referred to as Suu Kyi an inspiration, The New York Times reported.

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"That they met at all — and also appeared together muzic-ivan.infoor to global and neighborhood journalists — was itself a meacertain of the alters that have brushed up Myanmar, additionally recognized as Burma, because the brand-new president, U Thein Sein, took office in March," it declared. "Those transforms were sufficient to sway President Obama to send Mrs. Clinton to explore ways to expand also connections that have been badly strained for virtually a quarter century."

Suu Kyi told the press conference that she supports the US policy of start to engage through the Burmese federal government.

“If we go forward together, I am confident that tbelow will be no turning earlier from the road towards democracy,” she shelp. “We are not on that road yet, yet we hope to obtain there as soon as possible via the aid and expertise of our friends.”

The woguy likewise emphasized that the Burmese federal government should do much even more, such as releasing thousands of political detainees and also ending its oppression of ethnic groups.

Clinton and also Suu Kyi additionally mutual a exclusive dinner together at Suu Kyi"s residence Thursday evening.

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