This is the finish walkthrough for the fourth episode of Back to the Future: The Video Game, Double Visions.

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Note:The walkthrough is chock full of spoilers so it"s after the jump!

Citizen Plus Ward - 1986


Marty finds himself locked up in the Citizen Plus ward of the Hill Valley Courtresidence and also he needs to escape conveniently and also resolve the timeline. Walk to the door and also usage the intercom, then usage the intercom aobtain. Select "Why"s my stuff locked in a cage?" then ask "Can I take a look at my stuff?" then use the home window over the poster adjacent. Use the video camera or the squawk box to talk to George and also ask him if tbelow is any way to sheight to Jennifer.


Use Marty"s guitar on the squawk box and also head out to the middle of the room exterior where the guard is making use of the manage panel. Use the food tray to initiate the conversation with the guard about it.


Head over to the door behind the regulate panel and open up your inventory and choose the 1986 newspaper; usage the newspaper on the door to slide it underneath. Use the intercom beside the door and tell Biff to eat his pill, and also then usage the newspaper again. Go ago to the guard by the regulate panel and also select the pill from your inventory; use it on the can of soda. With the guard out of the method take regulate of the panel and also attempt a rescue on Citizen Brvery own.


First turn up the volume slider then usage the olfactory slider. Head over to the door on the left of the walkmethod and go inside. When the possibility arises, use the guitar and use it on the microphone to exit the scene. Hill Valley Courthouse Square - 1986


Speak to Citizen Brvery own till he leaves to solve the DeLorean then move around the square till Edna appears. Soptimal to Edna and Citizen Brown retransforms then go to the courtresidence doors to initiate the scene that takes Emmet and also Marty ago in time! Hill Valley Courthome Square - 1931

Stop to Citizen Brown until he leaves then sheight to Emmet. Once the conversation with young Emmett is over go to the courthome and also go inside to relocate on to the next location. Hill Valley High School - 1931

When Marty arrives at Hill Valley High School stop to Edna then when she"s sassist all she has to say choose her again to hear another piece of essential dialog. Once Edna is done, pick the surrounding DeLorean then relocate on over to soptimal to Trixie near the facility of the scene. Tell her that you need her help making Edna jealous then go back to Edna to tell her you spoke to Trixie. Now sheight to Cuebalmost everywhere by the truck on the ideal side of the scene and also ask him all of the Trixie associated concerns and the Article Card will certainly be included to Marty"s inventory. You"re not done via Cuesphere yet, ask him around his teeth and he"ll provide Marty a box of algae cakes.

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Go soptimal to Edna and also usage the Trixie short article card on her. After watching Edna"s reaction go stop to Trixie and also then the Hill Valley of the Future display screen near wright here Ms. Trotter is standing. Use the train of the future and also speak to Edna to move the story along; the skateboard is currently in Marty"s inventory. Select the Hill Valley of the Future screen aacquire and use the third and also fourth butlots from the left at the exact same time to dislodge the diamond shaped prism. Grab the diamond and also walk to the street and also select it to move the story alengthy to the following scene. Young Emmett Brown"s Lab - 1931

When you initially enter Emmett"s lab grab the oil deserve to on the various other side of the room and also include it to Marty"s inventory. Select the "odd looking printer" and then use mind map test switch - this starts the mind map test. The goal of the puzzle is to make Emmett appear to be a "Degenerate Criminal" so making Emmett"s helmet light up red for pictures that Edna would certainly deem as being good and also light up green for pictures Edna would certainly deem as bad. This is achieved by making use of the various items in the lab and your inventory to influence Emmett"s thoughts when a particular photo is projected on the display. The following items have the corresponding results: Fish Tank Valve - Releases a “bad smell” that invokes a Negative response. This will certainly persist until the “good” smell from the Stew is motivated. Generator - Shocks Emmett, which invokes a Negative response, and have the right to be offered as many type of time as the player wishes Algae Cakes: These are derived from Cueball in the High School atmosphere. Using them on Emmett will certainly invoke a Negative Response, yet Emmett will certainly only eat one during that round. Record Player - Invokes a Optimistic Response. Once supplied, this effect persists inabsolutely. Stew Pot – Release a “great smell” that invokes a Optimistic response. This will certainly persist until the “bad” smell from the Valve is motivated.

Press the slide advancer switch between each slide. Make Emmett have actually an unfavorable (red) response to Edna"s slide, a positive (green) response to the John Wilkes Booth slide, a negative (red) response to the Officer Parker slide, a positive (green) response to the Tannen slide, a negative (red) response to the Innocent Looking Child slide, and also a positive (green) response to the Trixie slide. Marty is currently in possession of Emmet"s new Mind Map sheet. Use the new mind map on the Mental Alignment meter and also then use the easel to the left of the stew pot and also tell Emmett that it"s not extremely excellent. Use the new Mind Map on Emmett"s old Mind Map plaque on the wall. Head over to Emmett and grab the photo album nearby to include it to Marty"s inventory. Now is your chance to use the oil have the right to on Emmett. Use the cleanser shower then grab the cleanser spray bottle to include it to Marty"s inventory. Exit the room and also watch the quick scene then departure aobtain to move the story alengthy to the following scene. Hill Valley High School - 1931

Back at Hill Valley High School go to the Hill Valley of the Past display and also usage the cleanser spray bottle from the inventory on the cave male in the tent then grab the mink hair from the cave man. At this point you can provide Trixie every one of the items she asked for so use the prism, photo album, and mink fur on her to relocate the scene on. Go ago to the DeLorean and usage the spray bottle on it, placing it in the DeLorean, then select the DeLorean aget to get Citizen Brown to usage the automobile. Repeat that twice and the cleansing spray will certainly be aged to perfection; grab it and the scene will readjust. Young Emmett Brown"s Lab - 1931

Back at Emmett"s lab, tell Edna that Carl Sagan would certainly like to talk to her then tell her that he has actually a lead on the Speaksimple Arsonist, bring about her to leave. Use the cleanser spray bottle from your inventory on Emmett which moves the story along again. Hill Valley High School - 1931

Back at Hill Valley High, stop to Citizen Brown and tell him that the Edna of the future is "alone and miserable to relocate the story alengthy. Keep talking to him and select Emmett as soon as the time comes. Watch the scene and also the story moves to Courthouse Square as soon as again. Hill Valley Courthome Square - 1931

Back at Courthouse Square sheight to Emmett then save moving the conversation on by utilizing eincredibly dialog choice, ending it by telling him he"s delusional. After Emmett drops choose Emmett and ask him if he has anypoint advantageous. Select the rope and also relocate Marty dvery own it. Use the Cleanser Spray Bottle on the rope. Go earlier to the rope and swing Marty left and also right until he swings close enough to Emmett; choose young Emmett when he is close enough. Use the spray bottle on Emmett to cut him complimentary and also finish the episode! TO BE CONCLUDED!