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50 Rockefeller Center is a 516,295-square-foot office structure and component of the 19-structure Rockefeller Center Complex in Midtown, Manhattan. Its located at addresses 34-40 on W 5first Street. It was built by John D Rockefeller in 1937 and also designed in the Art Deco style by The Associated Architects. The structure was initially well-known as the Associated Press Building, as it housed the headquarters of the news company AP. As such, the entrance bares Isamu Noguchis 9-ton stainless steel bas-relief sculpture News, which depicts the journalism profession as it remained in the 1930s.

The building was acquired by Tishguy Speyer in 2001 as part of the $1.8 million portfolio deal at Rockefeller Center. 50 Rockefeller centers greatest tenant by far is Bank of America, which takes up 321,941-square-feet in the building, over fifty percent the accessible room. Therefore the structure is periodically recognized as the Bank of America Building. Other major tenants incorporate clothing retailer Anthropologie and also TV Guide Magazine. The Associated Press lease expired in 2004.

Address50 Rockefeller PlazaneighborhoodPlaza DistrictboroughManhattanowner entityRCPI HOLDCO LCCfloors31
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EventOffice LeasingAddress630 Fifth AvenueNeighborhoodPlaza DistrictBoroughManhattanSquare feet65,000
The Wall Street shop inked a 15-year lease in the Plaza District.
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EventOffice LeasingAddress630 5th AvenueNeighborhoodPlaza DistrictBoroughManhattanSquare feet18,056