Objective: Approach fighter to begin testChallenge: Don"t lose the trail during the chase in Test Flight

Before you begin, I exceptionally very imply that you take a look at your settings in the food selection. Flying deserve to be very difficult with inverted controls, and also this mission will be obnoxious sufficient on its very own. If you require advice on what settings to transform, check out the Beginner"s Guide. It goes over the most crucial settings for flight. Otherwise, select the first mission and also start. Tbelow are no field manuals in this area, so all you have to do is emphasis on your codex challenges.

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Keep in mind that there is a bug for this specific codex difficulty. Dicta Boelcke needs the player to not shed track of the allied airplane throughout the chase objective. Should the player fail at this, they have to rebegin the entire chapter, not just the last checkpoint.

As you generate right into the level, you want to strategy the friendly aircraft that"s across the mountain. Get offered to the controls prior to you technique it, as once you"re behind the plane, you"ll should emphasis on the codex challenge automatically. As you method the airplane, a brand-new objective will certainly show up.

Objective: Pursue allied aircraft

This is where the obstacle comes in. Pay attention to the in-game tips it gives on-display screen. You must follow the allied plane"s trail without crashing right into it or acquiring shed. The game describes "the trail" as the circle reticle that"s on-display. When you"re at a cshed enough distance, it will begin to fill up. You desire to keep this complete throughout the chase, without losing track of the aircraft. Losing track or losing development will certainly void the codex, which have the right to just be solved by refounding the chapter.

Once you"re finimelted tailing the aircraft, the objective will certainly upday. Do not stop adhering to the airplane.

Objective: Pursue allied aircraft

This objective is the specific exact same as the last one, except the airplane is going to execute a couple of more aerial stunts. Just follow carefully (not too close) and also it have to be easy to pull off. If you"re able to tail the aircraft through both this area and the last one, the codex entry will certainly unlock. Now we have the right to move on to the following objective, as well as the next obstacle.

Objective: Destroy all tarobtain blimpsChallenge: Finish the taracquire practice in Test Flight

Once the plane flies away in the distance, you"ll watch the blimps appear in the direction he left. Use

to take dvery own the blimps. They won"t fight back, so it"s an very straightforward objective to complete. Just make certain you gain all 5 prior to moving on.

Objective: Use rockets to destroy ground targets

Next off will be targets that are on the ground. You"ll desire to switch tools with and then fly high so you have the right to get an excellent check out of them. Fire amethod, and also as via before, make certain you obtain all three before relocating on. It doesn"t matter if you miss out on a couple of shots, or just how long it takes. So take it as a possibility to learn the controls. After the targets are damaged, you"ll be pushed into combat.

Objective: Destroy all enemy fighters

You"ll have actually an allied plane by your side during the fight, so it"s pretty basic. You have the right to even let them perform all the occupational. Tbelow are four adversary planes in the sky, and all you need to execute is shoot them all dvery own to breakthrough. The plane is similar to the tank in that you can zoom in via

and repair your automobile via . So if you"re having trouble, try and also obtain out of the fight and fire from a distance. Once finished, your airplane will certainly automatically need repairs.

Objective: Repair your aircraft

As shelp over, repair your aircraft by holding . It"s widespread feeling, however make certain to repair your airplane totally and not just when. More opponents are on the way.

Objective: Destroy all adversary fighters

The same advice applies as it did above. Use your machine gun to take dvery own the enemy planes. Keep your distance if you"re taking many damages. Repair as soon as you can. If you"re having actually trouble finding time to repair, fairly literally spin your plane in circles prefer an idiot. The more erratic your trip pattern, the less most likely you are to be shot.

Objective: Fly in close formation

Once you"ve killed the majority of of the opponents (meaning there"s just one aircraft left), you"ll have to follow it. This will certainly end the section and sfinish us along to the next one.


Objective: Destroy enemy blimpsChallenge: Have at least four bombers endure a battle run in Total War

Yet aobtain, tbelow is an additional glitched obstacle. The Bloody April difficulty does not always unlock after completion, despite doing whatever appropriately. Unfortunately, tbelow is no recognized solution besides finishing the mission and trying it another time. I would certainly recommfinish completing the remainder of the campaign chapters, and coming earlier to this codex challenge last if you run into the same worry.

I highly recommend that you make 2 sepaprice attempts at this section. One on easy, in an attempt to collect the codex entries. And the other on hard, as to finish the level on the highest possible difficulty. One of the codex entries in this section is infamously hard to acquire, and also it"s much better to just take the straightforward route than spfinish hours trying to pull it off.

Moving on, tright here are as soon as aobtain no area manuals for this area. So your only worry need to be the codex difficulties. As said above, one of the obstacles is additionally rather glitchy, so you might should repeat this area of the game. Once you generate in, be cautious of the opponent planes. Tbelow are plenty of various points about you that have the right to take you out of the skies, from area guns to artillery trucks. You"re going to want to take treatment of all of these hazards ultimately, however I"ll go into more detail on that listed below. For now, your present objective is to eliminate the blimps.

The blimps deserve to be shot from rather a distance ameans, and also are pretty easy to remove. As lengthy as you"re preventing (or destroying) the opponent planes, and repairing when require be, it should be an extremely straightforward objective to finish.

Objective: Destroy opponent AA trucks

The artillery trucks are down listed below on the road, which needs you to switch to your missiles (via if you forgot). Make sure to rise throttle and also fly high prior to turning to fire down below. This will aid your accuracy, as said in the in-game tips previously. Once aobtain, watch out for the foe fighters and also repair as soon as you deserve to. Once every one of the AA truck teams are ruined, a cutscene will ensue, together with one more new objective. This is where the codex enattempt comes in, so pay attention.

Objective: Protect the bomber formation

Let me begin by saying you will certainly not finish this codex on the initially run-through. Your first 5 bombers will certainly be obliterated, yet do not concern. Instead of concentrating on the attacking planes, move up ahead to get rid of the armored trucks and also AA firearms. Keep in mind that tbelow are AA guns in many places:

Just in front of the artillery trucks, lining the wall surfaces belowIn the huge craters even more earlier, simply in front of the fortOn the fort itself, on the 3 towers in the front

You want to eliminate all of these as quickly as feasible, before the next round of bombers present up. If this implies ignoring the fighter planes, than so be it. Once they"re all destroyed, then you deserve to focus on the staying planes, though you most likely will not have actually time to carry out every little thing. Start through the AA weapons at the fort first, and also then occupational your method to the artillery. That way, as soon as the bombers spawn in, you"ll be surrounding rather of across the map. With the AA guns gone, all you have to do is end up off the planes as they strike. Keep close to the bombers so that you deserve to watch any kind of major risks prior to it"s as well late.

It"s still going to be a unstable challenge to finish. But if you follow these tips, and bump the difficulty down to basic, it should be much even more controllable. As a reminder, if you watch four of your bombers make it to the fort, however the codex isn"t popping, it might be glitched. So come earlier to it later.

You can view the health and wellness of the fort through the big icon floating over it. Keeping your bombers alive will allow them to drop off their bombs, which then drops the health of the fort. So if the fort isn"t totally damaged yet, you need to keep protecting bombers until the project is done. Destroy the AA weapons and also opponent planes prior to your following set of bombers arrive. Once sufficient bombs have been dropped, the fort will be damaged. Destroying the fort will certainly then unlock the following difficulty.

Challenge: Destroy the fort in Total War

As the fort explodes, the following cutscene, and the next section, will start. Remember to replay the chapter on tough if you adjusted the obstacle earlier. Otherwise, this area need to now be finish.


Objective: Rerotate to friendly linesChallenge: Reach no man"s land undetected in Fall from Grace

We"re ago to yet another stealth area. This one is quite straightforward to complete, and also follows the very same rules as the previous stealth runs we"ve completed, so do not problem as well a lot. In addition to this, we are ago to collecting area manuals again, so don"t forget to grab them before you finish the mission. Once the gameplay begins, follow the prompts to usage the entice (via

) to gain the Gerguy soldier ameans from your hiding place. Clyde will certainly instantly departure from beneath the wagon and also grab the shovel to the side. So all you need to do is crouch and also percreate a melee kill. Now you"re free to roam the location.

You"ll notification that the game hasn"t given you an objective to complete yet. You"ll should take out the second soldier that"s roaming the area first. This will certainly activate the objective that"s listed over. Remember to be discreet when doing so, regarding complete the present codex enattempt as well. As with before, if you get captured, you have the right to reload the latest checksuggest to revert it. The second soldier is on the various other side of the building, so usage lures to acquire him to look amethod initially. Then strike. Your objective need to currently be updated.

Don"t head dvery own the road just yet, as there"s a field hand-operated to collect initially.

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Fall From Grace - Field Manual #1

While you"re on the other side of the structure in the spawn location (wbelow you eliminated the second soldier), look to your right at the tiny shack via the crates in front of it. Past this shack is a road, and dvery own the road is a wagon to the right-hand also side. Walk to the wagon and also look on the various other side to uncover a field manual.