There are many type of Bed Head commodities specifically made to style hair and also provide people the liberty to come up with their very own hair waves and also curls. Bed Head is a brand also that is practically synonymous with hair styling, and they have a broad range of commodities.

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Whether it’s a curling iron, a straightening iron, a hair dryer, a wand, or even hair setters, brushes, and also mirrors, Bed Head has everything you require. But when it comes to giving you identified spirals and tousled waves, you require not look better than the Bed Head Rock N Roller.

With its multiple warmth settings and tourmaline ceramic warmth technology, you get just the right warmth circulation that you need to give you the perfect curls. Looking even more very closely at what this styling iron is about will make us understand also what you have the right to expect from it, and also whether or not this is the styling tool you need.

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Product Specifications

The bed head curling wand also has actually the adhering to product specifications: Dimensions: 3.2x6x16.2 inches Product Weight: 14.1 ounces Shipping Weight: 1 pound Switches: On/Off switch via “On” indicator light Color: easily accessible in teal and also purple Supplementary Products: warmth protective glove, swivel cord, safety stand

Product Features

TheBed Head Rock N Roller ceramic styling iron, true to its name, is funky-looking and also designed in a modern, fun means. Distinctive through its distinctive style of a bubble wand also wrap, this styling iron is perfect for producing spiral curls as well as tousled waves.

The architecture of a clamp-cost-free wrap also ensures that you get your curls and also spirals from warmth that’s evenly spread throughout theBed Head Rock N Roller bubble wand. Since of evenly distributed warm, you don’t have to issue about unalso curls and kinks in your hair. Bed Head knows that to get perfectly sculpted waves, you need this form of architecture.

This particular styling iron additionally comes through tourmaline ceramic innovation, which like other Bed Head assets allows the styling iron to create beautiful curls and waves while maintaining your hair shiny and smooth. This suggests you acquire the hair you require however without the undesirable kinks.

Rapid warm recovery likewise enables this styling iron to give you curl after curl without having to wait. With its multiple warm settings, you deserve to pick the establishing you require and suit it to your hair style type. The product also features a tangle-complimentary swivel cord, which enables individuals to usage the product without having to be constrained by the cord. The warmth protective glove, cool tip, and safety stand also are all there to assist prevent burns once utilizing the iron.


When you look at bed head rock n roller reviews like this one, you would certainly really see that this Bed Head Rock N Roller has actually a lot of wonderful features. So using this instead of the other styling wands and also irons easily accessible in the sector now would provide you a lot of pros. For one, it only takes 30 secs for the iron to warm up. Unfavor various other irons wherein you need to wait for quite some time before the heating to take effect, you get instant outcomes via this one.

Because the iron heats up so fast, it’s likewise excellent that the product comes via a glove that protects you from the warm and also a safety stand also. It’s just rather advantageous that even if the iron heats up fast, the one using it deserve to be assured that no uncrucial burns will certainly happen as a result. The “On” indicator light additionally ensures that you know precisely as soon as the iron is heated up and once it’s turned off.

Another pro is that the styling iron actually offers you rock n roll curls and spirals, via a top quality unprefer any type of other. This means that you gain a specific hairstyle that various other styling irons cannot attain for you, and this is a big advantage for those who have actually this product at hand also.


The only disadvantage I deserve to think of is the truth that because the design is so distinctive and various from the remainder, at first glance it might look intimidating to usage. When you first see the product, you might not recognize specifically exactly how to usage it and also specifically exactly how you will certainly twist your hair in order to achieve the curls that you dream of.

The design itself is unique and also unforgettable, and because of this there’s really brand also identity. But again, some civilization could be confused at the onset. Unchoose various other usually designed irons, wherein the usage is even more or less natural and also you would recognize how to use it, this takes some gaining offered to.

This is not to say that it’s not simple to use, bereason it actually is. All you need to do really is review the instructions on how to use it, and also you’re great to go. Once you obtain the hang of making use of the rock n roller, it will certainly be like second nature to you and also you’ll be making identified spirals and waves in no time at all.


Clat an early stage, as soon as you desire curls that stand out from the remainder and that really provide you an edge in regards to just how you look, you need a product that’s also distinct and also designed for that certain purpose. The Bed Head Rock N Roller does specifically this, and also it provides you the liberty to style your hair the means you desire it to circulation and also the capacity to gain those envied curls that you wouldn’t typically understand just how to perform.

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Armed via the best innovation and also designed in the finest manner feasible, the Rock N Roller is truly one of a kind when it concerns the style endure. Once you usage it and also attain the hairstyles that you have the right to attain with it, there’s nearly no going back. If you’re up for that funky, distinctive, and standout look, go for the Bead Head Rock N Roller and also you won’t regret it.