Don"t let the males on this list acquire open up from outside. These are all the height 3 suggest shooters in the NBA 2K19.

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In today"s NBA, exterior shooting rules all. It"s now crucial for every position to be a perimeter threat, so this is a list of energetic players you cannot leave open up external. These are the top-rated players in the game based on the 3-point stat.

Stephen Curry (OVR 95)


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Team: Golden State Warriors

3PT Open Stat: 99

3PT Contested Stat: 98

3PT Move Stat: 98

King of the 3-round is fundamentally what we have actually in Curry. Calling him the greatest 3-suggest shooter of all time is not a stretch by any implies. He proceeds to hit from ridiculous selection and also averaged 4.2 3-pointers made last seakid on 42.3% shooting from external. 

Klay Thompson (OVR 89)


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Team: Golden State Warriors

3PT Open Stat: 97

3PT Contested Stat: 96

3PT Move Stat: 85

It just doesn"t seem fair to have actually the height 3 2K19 shooters on the same team, but this is the truth of the modern-day NBA. Averaging 3.1 3-pointers made on 44% shooting from exterior is ridiculous on its very own. If Thompchild played in any type of era in which Curry did not play, he"d most likely be the league"s leading shooter.

Kevin Durant (OVR 97)

Team: Golden State Warriors

3PT Open Stat: 90

3PT Contested Stat: 90

3PT Move Stat: 90

Not only is KD a monster throughout the board, but his 3-point shooting is ridiculous too. While he just averaged 2.5 3-pointers made this seaboy (low compared to his teammates), he still knocked dvery own 41.9% of his attempts from exterior. Volume shooting is not the vital for Durant, however his effectiveness is what stands out.

Kyle Korver (OVR 75)

Team: Cleveland Cavaliers

3PT Open Stat: 89

3PT Contested Stat: 89

3PT Move Stat: 79

Korver is the stereotypical old-male shooter, having actually played in the league since 2003. Last seakid he average 2.2 shots made from external on 43.6% shooting. He might have shed a action over the years, however his external shooting stays elite.

Reggie Bullock (OVR 76)

Team: Detroit Pistons

3PT Open Stat: 88

3PT Contested Stat: 88

3PT Move Stat: 79

Bullock is not a large name player around the league and only started to develop a major duty last seaboy. He made the most of 27.9 mins played per game by averaging 2 3-pointers made per game on 44.5% shooting.

Kyrie Irving (OVR 94)

Another all-star makes this list, somepoint you will notice is a large distinction when compared to the top dunkers in the game. Irving knocked down an average of 2.8 3-pointers per game on 40.8% shooting. Contrasted to some of the various other shooters on the lists, he is doing it all for his team as the leading allude guard and also player in Boston.

C. J. McCollum (OVR 87)

Team: Portland Trail Blazers

3PT Open Stat: 87

3PT Contested Stat: 87

3PT Move Stat: 85

It is amazing that NBA 2K would certainly offer McCollum much better 3-point ratings than his backcourt mate Damian Lillard. While he did knock down 2.3 3-pointers per game last seakid (compared to Lillard"s 3.1), he was even more effective through 39.7% shooting (compared to Lillard 36.1%). Maybe this is the reason for the rating difference.

Jayson Tatum (OVR 87)

Team: Boston Celtics

3PT Open Stat: 87

3PT Contested Stat: 87

3PT Move Stat: 86

It appears prefer this young stud is popping up on quite most height rating lists. Efficiency is essential right here, as he knocks down 43.4% of his exterior attempts. While his volume is low (1.3 makes), the depth of his team does not require him to shoot a lot.

Joe Harris (OVR 75)

Team: Brooklyn Nets

3PT Open Stat: 87

3PT Contested Stat: 86

3PT Move Stat: 81

Harris is another lesser-recognized shooter in the league. He just played 25.3 minutes per game, but knocks down 1.9 makes on 41.9% shooting from external. When he gets in the game and is referred to as on to shoot, he provides the a lot of of it.

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James Harden (OVR 96)

Team: Houston Rockets

3PT Open Stat: 85

3PT Contested Stat: 85

3PT Move Stat: 85

Harden"s capacity to tear down shots from external is what provides his driving potential also better. No matter how you guard him, he will discover a method to punish you. He piled on the makes last seakid with 3.7 per game, yet only on 36.7% shooting.

Other ideal 3-allude shooters

NameOVR3-PT GradeTeamPosition
Paul George89AOKCSF
Bojan Bogdanovic79AINDSF
J. J. Redick79APHISG
Buddy Hield79ASACSG
Joe Ingles79AUTASF
Darren Collison79AINDPG
Trae Young77AATLPG
Josh Hart76ALALSG
D. J. Augustin76AORLPG
Seth Curry75APORSG
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