Netfunctions through Coverage Scores over 8 are expected to perdevelop well for the huge majority of Lexington residents.

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Excellent coverage meant in LexingtonService over T-Mobile’s network (coverage map)Great prices on plans via 4GB-35GB data

Coverage Summary

AT&T’s netoccupational is predicted to market the best performance in Lexington (check out coverage map). T-Mobile’s netoccupational comes in second location. Verizon takes third location.

Documents Confidence

The model’s confidence is rated as medium to high in Lexington. The model’s predictions are more than likely precise. However before, sections of Lexington may have worse coverage than the version predicts.

Lexington Cell Phone Plan Recommendations

Best Cheap Cell Phone Plan

Mint Mobile runs over T-Mobile’s network-related and is predicted to offer solid performance in Lexington. Mint offers some of the finest prices in the market on plans that include boundless minutes and messages along with 4 to 35 gigabytes of high-speed data each month.

Example plan: 1 line through 10GB of full-rate data, limitless minutes, and also infinite messages for as low as $20 per month.

Coverage Score - 8.2 / 10
Price Rating - 9 / 10
Support & Experience Rating - 6.5 / 10

Mint’s webwebsite | Coverage map | Review

Recommfinished Performance Plan

AT&T’s network-related is intended to sell the ideal performance in Lexington. For heavy customers of data, I recommend AT&T’s Limitless Extra setup. Families that don’t usage a lot information might gain better value and also a similar experience via AT&T’s limited-data, prepaid plans.

Coverage Score - 8.5 / 10

Price Rating - 3 / 10
Support & Experience Rating - 4 / 10

Example plan: 4 lines on AT&T’s Unlimited Extra arrangement (infinite minutes, texts, and data) for $40 per line each month.

Tower & Base Station Map

Documents Source: OpenCelliD Project

Dots note places of cell towers and other base stations. Dots’ colors indicate the netjob-related.OpenCelliD Project and is licensed under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license. My maps of base stations are in a very early phase. Location data about base stations doesn’t straight impact Coverage Scores at this time.">1

Carrier-Supplied Data

The tables listed below are based on extrapolations from information network operators mutual via the FCC around coverage in Lexington, KY.2 Network operators often report coverage inaccurately. While the Coverage Scores involve adjustments for possibly misreported information, I don’t make adjustments to this data.3G:


December 2019 data argues AT&T led in 3G coverage in Lexington.

The December 2019 has indevelopment about 5G coverage. Due to the fact that 5G deployments increased promptly in 2020 and also 2021, the 5G coverage data is no longer reputable.5G (All Types):


In the 2019 data, T-Mobile led in 5G coverage in Lexington.

Network operators generally publicize once they carry millimeter wave 5G to new cities. I save tabs on these announcements and also preserve a database of cities wbelow significant networks sell millimeter wave 5G. I last updated the indevelopment in May 2021.5G (Millimeter Wave):

NetworkMillimeter Wave 5G

No netfunctions are meant to sell millimeter wave 5G coverage in Lexington yet. ">3

Lexington Coverage (Any Technology):


Lexington LTE Coverage:

Coverage estimates are weighted by populace. The estimates don’t reflect the percent of land also area extended.4

Kentucky Coverage Scores

AT&T is supposed to have actually the best coverage in the majority of of Kentucky.

NetworkCoverage Score

Coverage In Similar-Sized Cities In Kentucky

Bowling GreenOwensboroRichmondPaducahLouisville

National Coverage Scores

If you frequently take a trip external of Lexington, particularly to rural locations, you may desire to provide comprehensive weight to the National Coverage Scores.

NetworkCoverage Score

What’s The Best Cell Phone Plan In Lexington?

The finest cell phone arrangement for one perkid in Lexington won’t be the finest setup for everyone in Lexington. People differ in the amount of data, minutes, and also messages they use each month. Additional, civilization differ in just how they want to make tradeoffs between prices, coverage high quality, and also other determinants.

For those struggling to pick in between two phone plans, I regularly suggest trying the cheaper option initially. If you have a great initial suffer with a cheap phone plan, you can stick through it and conserve month after month. If you have actually a negative endure in the initially month, you deserve to switch to an additional phone plan.

Switching in between phone plans is gaining easier. Many carriers have actually phased out permanent contracts. Phones additionally tfinish to have actually much better compatibility across networks than they supplied to. Just beware of installment plans. Cell phone carriers regularly run deals that lure world to purchase expensive phones on installment plans that last two or more years.

File Priority In Lexington

Netjob-related operators assign different levels of information priority to various individuals. When cell towers are not congested, priority levels are unimportant. However, in the time of durations of congestion, subscribers via high-priority information might experience better speeds than subscribers via low-priority information.

Congestion varies by area. With the data I have actually, it’s not basic to assess congestion in Lexington.

While direct subscribers through the 3 major netjob-related operators usually have actually high-priority data, various other carriers that piggyago on the major networks frequently don’t sell high-priority data. Accordingly, these carriers may obtain Coverage Scores slightly reduced than the Coverage Scores got by their hold networks.While significant netjob-related operators normally provide straight subscribers some high-priority data, subscribers might have actually limited allotments.All the significant operators offer at some cell phone plans that totally lack high-priority information.A few carriers that piggyearlier on the major netfunctions sell plans with high-priority data.

Since the effects of low-priority data are different on various networks, I make carrier-particular adjustments to the Coverage Scores. Xfinity Mobile receives Verizon’s Coverage Score via no adjustment given that by-the-gig subscribers have actually priority information. ">5 The downward adjustments I make to some carriers’ scores are commonly not based on location-certain indevelopment about congestion.

About The Coverage Model

Coverage Critic’s predictive model crunches 10s of millions of rows of data to assess cell phone coverage high quality in cities throughout the U.S.

I believe the version is much better than anypoint else on the industry, yet it’s much from perfect. I plan to make renovations to the design, and I mean the underlying information accumulated by the FCC will enhance over time.

On an additional web page, I list most of the ideal internet organization providers in Lexington.

Coverage Scores

The Coverage Scores assess how good the coverage is from cell phone netfunctions in Lexington, KY. The Coverage Scores don’t account for various other determinants favor prices or customer assistance high quality. Here’s an outline of what various Coverage Scores mean:

8.5+ – Nearly all subscribers utilizing a netjob-related with a score above 8.5 in Lexington will experience a strong signal in outdoor locations by their residences. The huge majority of human being will endure a solid signal inside their dwellings. Couple of if any kind of dead spots will be uncovered when out and also about in Lexington.7-8.5 – The huge majority of civilization will certainly endure a strong signal in front of their residences. Most civilization will certainly additionally have actually a solid signal inside their homes. Dead spots may exist within the city or town, but most human being won’t enrespond to dead spots often.5-7 – Most civilization will certainly suffer acceptable signal stamina at their dwellings, yet an extensive percentage of people won’t have adequate organization. In the majority of instances, people have to opt for a netoccupational via a greater coverage score. People who aren’t adamant about having high-top quality business and/or lack various other choices may still have a satisfactory experience with netfunctions that score between 5 and 7. I strongly recommend looking at coverage maps and talking via next-door neighbors before selecting a network that scores in this range.0-5 – If feasible, opt for a netjob-related via a greater score. Consult carriers’ coverage maps if you have actually no better options.

Aobtain, the version might not accurately reflect the high quality of cell phone coverage in Lexington. A data-confidence rating for Lexington is provided over.

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Other Ratings

The Price Ratings and also Support & Experience Ratings aren’t specifically estimated for Lexington. The ratings offer a quick impression around factors various other than coverage quality. I don’t pretfinish there’s a sophisticated or scientific process behind the ratings. These simplistic ratings disregard nuance and also collapse complex realities. For instance, it’s challenging to come up with a solitary price rating for a carrier that has good prices on some cell phone plans and also terrible prices on other plans.


Do you have actually feedearlier about the coverage ratings or opinions about the finest cell phone plans in Lexington? Please leave a public comment listed below or reach out straight. Additionally, if you job-related for a agency that collects information about the performance of netfunctions, carriers, or phone plans, I’d love to hear from you!