The capability to defend and also save yourself safe is necessary to any type of battle game you play. Before you undertaking external your bubble you desire to feel some degree of safety and security or at leastern as if as soon as you drop shield you will not be entirely crumelted. In Iron Throne, defense is slightly different from other games and also slightly even more facility. When entering right into a conversation about defense you will regularly hear some pretty huge words tossed approximately that deserve to have your head spinning. 

This guide serves one function and also that is understanding defense and also how to collection your castle up for success. We will certainly talk about stats, troops, heroes, gear, and so much even more that goes into setting yourself up for success. We will certainly additionally consider some vital points you will certainly want to take into account once dealing with off against your attacker. However before, we are going to kick things off through my Top Three Tips as soon as it concerns defense. 

Safeguarding Your Castle

All of us put most time and sources into our accounts. So we desire to defend what we have actually constructed. So how execute we execute this?

Top 3 TipsAlways Shield – You deserve to have actually the the majority of troops in the game but sometimes that does not issue. A shield is your protection when you are offline or simply uncertain of your security. When you are all set to drop your shield make sure you will have the ability to be digital and reenergetic. Educate Yourself – Kcurrently and understand what the stats are for, what they mean, what they perform, and what you require. We execute our finest to save write-ups right here as up to day as feasible but, the following reminder covers what to perform once you require more guidance. Ask Questions – People obtain worried that if they ask inquiries they appear stupid. Here’s the point, you look dumber if you carry out not ask! If somepoint confoffers you, it’s much better to ask prior to you lose all your troops and waste the majority of money! Join the Elite on the Line App for accessibility to loads of information and a riches of endure.

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Understanding Combat as a Defender

With the present state of the game Type Defense has actually come into play when aacquire. When we talk about gear and also troop erected we will certainly talk a lot around gear and troops that will collection you up for Type Defense. This has a couple of ramifications that we need to attend to including the fact that it deserve to sometimes be a battle when your enemy finds out what Type Defense you are running. 

Anvarious other necessary point to understand also is that via new Dragon Research attackers have actually end up being also stronger and we have viewed accounts that were capping soloes start to burn to soloes aobtain. 

Combat in Iron Throne is distinctive. Those of us that came from other castle builder games that shall not be called encountered a steep finding out curve when it concerned defending in Iron Throne and that has made it a brand-new obstacle that have the right to be fun to figure out. Understanding how Combat works is essential because it will aid you understand also how to build your troops. 

On a simple level once your Castle gets hit your attacker’s troops are first going to hit your bottom tier of troops, this acts as your defense/HP base. This is wright here you are basically defending. It is your Top tier of troops that acts as strike and kills your attacker’s march. This means that even more than your bottom layer troops are going to aspect into your troop complace which we will certainly discuss later on. 


When we look at our Heroes it is important that we have actually three heroes set aside for Defense. Not having your Guard Captain and also Guard Deputies assigned is sure to bring about defeat. This implies that if you are the type of player that likes to cancel the appointment of your Guard to use them for Monster Hunting you will certainly want to be certain to put them back effectively prior to you drop your shield. 

When it concerns Heroes a existing favorite for Guard Captain is the Flame Lord. This Hero has some excellent stats that are exclusive to deffinishing. When you are deciding what Heroes to apallude to Guard Captain and also Deputies you will certainly desire to look for your Heroes that are leveled and upgraded and have stats that are similar to the Flame Lord. While you might not have actually Heroes that specifically enhance this he supplies some great guidelines to save an eye out for once selecting Defense Heroes. 



Titans have actually arrived in Iron Throne and these Titans play a huge function in defense. Tright here are two Titans that defenders presently have to be conscious of. 

Savior TitanGatekeeper Titan

The Savior Titan is the Titan that is going to be mounted in the world to provide your teamies a rise. However, in order to be able to send this Titan right into the world, there is research you will must finish. This research study is under the research for Talus’s Titan and is a doozy when it pertains to sources. 

The Gatekeeper Titan is going to be your Titan that you apsuggest to safeguard your castle. This man is going to aid your Guard Heroes in your city. Do not forgain to skill your Titan Traits before you go to battle. 

We still have to perform some trial and error as soon as it comes to Titans and fight. However before, appropriate currently there are two trees for Titan Traits. The initially tree is the Titan tree. This is going to strengthen your Titan. 

The second tree is your Troop Tree. This tree is going to strengthen your troops when provided in conjunction through your Titan. You will certainly likewise desire to equip Moonstones for your Titan. If you perform not have immortal Moonstones then equip the ideal you have actually till you have Immortal. 

Finally, when we are looking at our Titans you will certainly desire to work-related on study to strengthen them. There are currently 3 research study trees for our Titans that will certainly be spanned more totally in an additional write-up. 

This is simply a quick overcheck out for Titans in Iron Throne. Be certain to inspect out our even more in-depth guides as they are released. 


Many equipment sets seem to have actually the same stats, so at times it have the right to become confutilizing about what collection to usage for what function. While tright here are three sets via Infantry stats, some have actually better stats than others. 

Defensive Gear proceeds to change and evolve. As we mentioned above Type Defense has actually come ago right into play and a big reason for that is bereason of level 60 equipment. The existing favorite equipment for defenders is a combined steel set through Level 60 Gear Weapons. When I am building my defense I usage the exact same Gear put up on my Deputies as I use on my Guard Captain. 

An essential part of your setup will certainly depfinish on what type of troop you are making use of. Below you will certainly watch an instance setup for an Archer base. They use max Willful weapons, Crimson Steel, and one Radiant accessory. While this defender’s equipment is max magnified and engraved it is feasible to run an excellent defense setup even if you have not yet maxed your gear. 



You have the right to view over the Pets that our defender has liked to use. These 2 are our optimal recommended pets for defense:

The Lava Turtle- This pet offers debuffs, Face-off, Troop Attack, Troop Defense, Troop HP. This pet is a great pet for our defenders planning on taking soloes The Deathworm- I recommend this pet for anyone that wants to take rallies. This pet has actually defender particular debuffs for rallies and some other stats exclusive to Castle Defense. If you are more interested in taking soloes than rallies then just Turtle up. 


When it comes to runes you have a couple of choices. We recognize that Hero Stats are necessary once it involves face-off however because of the level of many type of attacker’s radiant equipment we likewise know that it is extremely difficult to win Face-off as a defender. As such we recommend selecting your Runes from the adhering to options:

Type Runes- Type Runes are a great choice when you are running a single form account. If this is the path you choose to go be sure to choose runes that complement your Type defense and enhance them as high as feasible. The various other path you deserve to go is Mighty Runes of Defense/HP and enhancing these runes. If you tfinish to readjust your defense up generally this might be the much better path in order to save you from constantly needing items to rerelocate runes. 


When we are mentioning increases there are miscellaneous factors to take into consideration. You of course have actually your consumable rises that boost your stats for a mentioned amount of time. However, you likewise have actually various other types of boosts:

Magic- While Magic is viable to use for defense I like to not usage it if at all feasible as a result of the truth that bereason of time boundaries and cool down durations I do not want to depend on it. However before, if you require an extra edge it is accessible.Building Enhancements- Building Enhancements allow you to gain also even more stats. However before, remember you deserve to just boost your buildings as high as they are leveled. Obelisks Blessings- These are rises that are constantly through you as you level them up and also an excellent area to obtain even more stats. 

Lord Skills

You will desire to be certain to ability your Lord and also have actually the appropriate ability setting on for defense when sitting unshielded. Tright here are two tabs for Lord Skills: Economy and Battle. You will discover your protective abilities under Battle. The higher the level of your Lord, the more points you need to spfinish. In skilling for defense, you will want to focus on the complying with things:


Troop Composition

Troop Complace is a really crucial factor once it involves defense. Our existing recommendation for troop complace is going type defense. When you perform select what kind of troop you want to focus on tright here are a few various other determinants that come into play. 

Bottom Tier of Troops aka Meat

Bottom Tier of Troops aka Meat (I hate this terminology but it is what it is) This is going to act as your Defense/HP and will certainly take the brunt of the hit. The greater the number you have actually the much better. Many kind of players are running upwards of 1 billion in meat and occasionally double or triple that. 

Many type of players use T4 for meat yet, a thriving populace of players believe that your Meat have to be level 5 or better. If you are looking to upgrade your troops to a higher tier the price can be expensive so store this in mind. 


Pre-Meat (just so you understand this terminology is also worse in my book)- If someone knows what kind of Meat you are running it is going to make it easier for them to burn you. IF you have actually enough “Meat” it is possible to safeguard versus soloes without “Pre-Meat” in truth many kind of times if you get soloed and have as well many kind of of this kind of troop it will reason you to burn. 

These troops really come into play through rallies. You will view players recommend having anywhere from 2 to three million of premeat to having actually closer to seven to ten million. At some point it is going to come down to what you are most comfortable via. My amount of “pre-meat” often tends to fluctuate. This tier of troops have to counter your weakness. For instance, if you are an Infanattempt Build and your attacker is sfinishing Archers you will certainly desire your premeat to be Cavalry troops. This softens the blow on your Meat once it is being targeted. Your Pre-Meat is typically going to be one tier reduced than your Meat.

Keep in mind that many kind of attackers have wised as much as this trick and also will certainly sfinish a solo prior to their rally. I attempt to store my Pre-Meat prepared to be healed or revived and gain them up just prior to the rally hits. This functions if your attacker is not sending the 2 marcs as well close together. 

Top Tier Troops- The Fighters

We stated above that it is your Top Tier of troops that accomplish the attack function within your city. Many players use Strategic T7 as their top tier. When you are training this tier you will want to train the troop form that counters your weakness. Just like your pre-meat layer if you are an Infantry setup then you will certainly desire to train your optimal tier as Cavalry bereason it is these troops that will certainly kill off an incoming Archer March. I was able to take 2 hits one via the incorrect Top tier trained and also another with the correct Top tier trained and tright here was a considerable difference in the outcomes. 


Research is an excellent area to obtain extra stats. There are miscellaneous researcs that will offer excellent bonprovides when you are deffinishing. Several of the researcs you really desire to emphasis on are:

Troop TrainingHero TrainingBattleCity


In Iron Throne, eexceptionally building gives a different function and also different boost in order to be able to assist via defense of your Castle. For more information on exactly how each structure functions, inspect out Iron Throne: The Journey Begins. However before, this post will cover a couple of structures that will be essential to your defense.

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The higher the level of your Watchtower, the even more in-depth information you receive on incoming attacks. This will certainly help you to prepare and understand whether or not you have actually the capcapacity to take a hit from the incoming enemy.