Hey guys! So recently I picked up the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in Light Beige and the Hangover Replenishing Primer to enhance. I"ve been in search of one more holy-grail structure because I"ve been obsessed via the Urban Decay Naked Skin for ages. But naturally, as a blogger, I"m constantly intrigued to attempt out even more and even more assets. Everyone raves about these 2 products and also they are checked out anywhere Instagram. Too Faced is a cruelty cost-free, high-end brand also and also I am really excited to try more of their commodities. I want to view whether this structure resides up to the legend, just from my initially impressions of the products.More About MeSo, if you are brand-new to my blog, I always begin these kinda short articles with some even more information around me and my skin kind. It"s vital to note that everyone hasdifferentopinions on commodities and various foundations job-related well for different skin kinds.I have sensitive, normal/dry skin and additionally suffer some redness. I favor structures that leave my skin feeling some what hydrated and also have actually a healthy and balanced looking finish (not also matte because I tend to look dehydrated). Also, I favor a structure that is not going to stick to dry patches and also does not wear off and get oily conveniently. I tfinish to choose medium-full coverage that isbuild-able. I fake tan, so the shade I"vepicked is to match my tanned shade.DeliveryYou have the right to get Too Faced assets from Debenhams in the UK. I ordered mine virtual andobtained cost-free standarddistribution and some points on my beauty card. I matched my shade utilizing virtual shade matching websites. The deliverywas actually much much faster then intended. I ordered on a weekend and also did not suppose it to come till following Friday, but it was delivered Monday morning! I would usage Debenhams virtual to order makeup aget.PackagingI"m sure everyone loves Too Facedpackaging! I love the foundation bottle bereason it looks beautiful on my desk. Both items have actually a pump, which is super basic to control and is hygienic. I supplied roughly 1 pump of the primer. I offered 2 pumps on the foundation then an extra fifty percent pump to watch if it was build-able.

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Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer - RRP £27.00
PrimerSo after my skin care regimen, I added roughly 1 pump of the primer to my confront. Since I hadn"t used this product prior to, it took a few pumps to get product out. I could of pumped out a tiny even more then meant, so I probably used a tad also much. It felt really hydrating - which is excellent for my dry skin. Instantly, I gained a whiff of the coconut scent - which I personally favor. As I was blfinishing, it began to come to be tacky. This is good bereason it means that the foundation will stick better to it. Overall, it seemed pretty nice and also practically like an added skin treatment action. I need a couple of even more supplies to decide my complete opinion, but initially impressions are excellent.
Too Faced Born This Way Liquid Foundation (Light Beige) - RRP £29.00
FoundationSo as stated,I offered 2 pumps, then fifty percent a pump to fully build coverage. I supplied my beauty blender to blfinish the product in. Instantly, I noticed it had a nice medium-complete coverage and it was covering any type of redness and imperfections. The shade was pretty great complement to my fake tan, so I was so happy. It blended so quickly - this may ormaynot of been aided by the primer. Nevertheless, both products seem to be working well together. I then added a couple of more dots of product over my nose and cheeks - wbelow Imainly need coveragethe a lot of. It builded up lovely and my face looked pretty flawless. I would certainly say it was ademi-matte kind of complete and also it just looked amazing on my skin. Even though it was pretty full coverage, I would certainly say it still looked natural and also not choose I was wearing much foundation at all. First impressions are that it seems to be impressive.
Foundation after 6 hours wear time
After 6 Hours Wear TimeAfter 6 hours I did a check up. My foundation still looked flawmuch less and also I had actually been complimented on my skin throughout the day. My contour and highlight were still visible and they blfinished lovely on height when I used them. I have to say, I amReally impressed, this ismost likely among the best first impressions I"ve ever before had actually on a product! Iwould say it would certainly be excellent for nights out when you want resilient and complete coverage. The primer and also foundation seem to be working well together and my skin still feels hydrated via no dry patches.

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Overall I am super impressed and will continue trial and error the 2 productsthroughout the month. I willoffer you an update in an additional blog post!Love Rebecca Ashley x