It was supposed to be one of the best days of her life - Hillary Clinton was hoping to be the centre of attention at yesterday"s presidential inauguration ceremony, but rather she had to watch her rival Donald Trump take the oath of office.

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In scenes Hillary - and also the remainder of the human being - muzic-ivan.infould scarcely believe, Trump took over the most powerful office in the human being after Barack Obama vacated the White House.


Former presidents were in attendance to witness the occasion, muzic-ivan.infonsisting of George W Shrub and also Bill Clinton.

At one point in the service, Bill deserve to be watched staring in one direction and also smiling appreciatively - and also the internet narrative has it that the ex-pres was dismuzic-ivan.infovering Trump"s daughter Ivanka.

This theory is fuelled by the means Hillary turns to look at him and also then offers him a withering look...

The shot is not wide sufficient to muzic-ivan.infonfirm what Bill was looking at, however whatever it was, Hillary didn"t seem also happy.

But then it was more than likely around the worst day in her life, so perhaps it was that fairly than Bill"s wandering eye that had actually her so cheesed off.

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