Billy Sunday- Billy Sunday was an UNITED STATE spiritual revivalist wbelow he started preaching in 1897 and entered in the Presbyterian church in 1903. Sunday was recognized as being a flamboyant preacher of fundamentalist theology whose sermons reflected the social upheaval led to by the shift from a rural to an urban society. Sunday also advocated a strict morality and campaigned successfully for Prohibition. He performed hundreds of resurgence meetings and got to an approximated 100 million world, however his popularity faded in the 1920"s, however he contiunued pgetting to until his death. Somepoint amazing was that Billy Sunday is additionally well-known as a skilled baseball players with the Chicback White Sox in 1883 and also later played in Pittsburgh and also Philadelphia, Pa.

Aimee Semple McPherson-Aimee Semple McPherson was he well-known traveling evangelist who founded the Internationwide Church of the Foursquare Gospel. At roughly the age of 17, she married traveling Pentecostal minister Robert Semple (explaing the "Semple" in her name), however 2 years later on he died and she remarried and then ended up being an evangelist herself. As her popularity grew she settled in Los Angeles, wright here she increased money and in 1923 developed the Angelus Temple. Her solutions contained a mixture of Jerusalem and also Hollywood, through bands, choirs and various other crowd-pleasing touches of boosting her dynamic preaching. Radio broadcasts enhanced her audience and also mader her a nationwide phenomenon. Radio broadcasts enhanced her audience and mader her a national phenomenon. Public interest peaked once "Sister Aimee" disshowed up while swimming close to Venice, California on 18 May 1926. After a month of mystery and also rumors, she reshowed up unexpectedly in Arizona, claiming to have actually been kidnapped and kidnapped and also held hostage in the Mexideserve to desert. The police clearly questioned McPherson"s story yet could prove nopoint.

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The incident, in addition to a later remarital relationship and also divorce, tarniburned McPherson"s reputation. She continued preaching yet was much less in the public eye, and also passed away in 1944 while visiting Oakland for the dedication of a brand-new Foursquare church. Marco Rolim--Period 2



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