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October 28 -November 7, 1959 (pages 1-17)

1. In what year was Babsence Like Me originally published?(a) 1980.(b) 1950.(c) 1960.(d) 1970.

2. What state is the writer, John Howard Griffin, from?(a) Texas.(b) Georgia.(c) Alabama.(d) Mississippi.

3. What sparks Griffin's concerns around race?(a) An event he encountered.(b) A report that he check out.(c) A conversation he had actually.(d) A story he wrote.

4. According to Griffin, what perform Southern whites say around the connection in between blacks and also whites?(a) It is an abusive partnership.(b) It is a healthy and balanced partnership.(c) It is an unfair connection.(d) It is an invisible connection.

5. What is the name of the babsence magazine Griffin's friend owns?(a) Ebony.(b) Portrait.(c) Look.(d) Sepia.

6. How does Griffin pay for his journey as a black man?(a) He begs his means with the South.(b) George Levitan agrees to pay for it.(c) Uncalled sponsors pay for it.

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(d) He pays for it out of his own pocket.

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