“Nopoint provides me better joy than acquiring affiliated with individual inventors or early-stage businesses and functioning via innovators to administer them the tools to realize their visions for a far better world.”

Blake Hurt provides his clients with responsive counsel and worth through listening to his clients’ missions and also helping them realize their goals via a strategic technique to overcoming roadblocks and enhancing the client suffer. His goal is to incentivize his clients to innovate new commodities, brands, and businesses by aiding them in securing security for their innovations and also then assisting in the maintenance and also enforcement of the resulting assets, ensuring that their good value is totally realized.

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Some current examples of job-related he’s done on befifty percent of his clients include:

A big neighborhood hamburger restaurant was named “The Best Burger in America” by Trip Advisor, Blake had the ability to secure federal registration for their company name, as well as their distinctive graphic logos, permitting them to expand promptly into various other industries.A small medical gadget manufacturer has begun to disrupt the personal respiratory device market through a highly-reliable and also low-expense vibratory, positive-expiratory press tool, on which Blake has already successfully prosecuted and also procured one patent and also is currently in pursuit of extra patents.Blake newly concluded a protracted opplace proceeding before the TTAB for a production client battling an overseas brand infringer, finishing in a rare oral argument victory prior to the Board.

Recent Representative Matters:

Blake’s educational background in biology and chemistry, coupled with his skilled suffer in the mechanical arts offer him a broad knowledge base on which to attract upon the business of his varied client base.

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Managed an worldwide manufacturer of camping accessories in the development of a utility and architecture patent portfolio for deterrence against counterfeiting from rivals, both domestically and also abroad.Aided regional furniture agency in the comprehensive breakthrough of a patent and also trademark portfolio consisting of numerous foreign patents stemming from the PCT process and international trademarks stemming from the Madrid Protocol system.Secured utility patent on flagship respiratory therapy device for early-stage firm, facilitating the acquisition of substantial industry share in a multi-billion dollar market.Prosecuted to issuance multiple utility patents in favor of regional antimicrobial manufacturer, leveraging the intellectual residential or commercial property to the $20 million acquisition of the company.Routinely drafts, prosecutes, and also obtains utility patents, both domestically and also awide for an industry-leading textile manufacturer.

Beyond the Office

When not in the office, Blake spends his time via his daughter Kristin and his kid Cameron and his beautiful wife Julie. Time permitting, he additionally enjoys golfing and softsphere in the warm-weather months and downhill skiing in the winter. Blessed with a big family roughly the country, he and also his family members love to take a trip whenever they deserve to, be it by aircraft, train, or car. A particular travel endure that he is especially fond of was the two-week pilgrimage he required to Australia wright here he went scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef and also sky-diving in the exact same 24 hour period!




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J.D., Wake Foremainder College School of Law (2012)B.S., Kalamazoo College (2005)


North CarolinaUSA Patent and Trademark Office


State of North Carolina CourtsUS District Court for the Eastern District of North CarolinaUS District Court for the Middle District of North CarolinaUS District Court for the Western District of North CarolinaCourt of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

Professional Organizations

North Carolina Bar AssociationGreensboro Bar AssociationPundit Property SectionAmerihave the right to Bar AssociationAmerihave the right to Intellectual Property Law Association

Civic/Community Organizations

St. Pius X Catholic Church choir: TenorNCBA Intellectual Property Section, Leadership CounselNCBA Website & Indevelopment Committee, Chair