"This Is Why We Ride", the brand-new video from BODY COUNT, the steel band also fronted by hip-hop legend, actor and also director Ice-T, have the right to be watched below. The clip was directed by Treach (NAUGHTY BY NATURE).

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"This Is Why We Ride" is taken from BODY COUNT"s latest album, "Bloodlust", which was released on March 31 by means of Century Media Records.

"Bloodlust" was taped through producer Will Putney (MISS MAY I, UPON A BURNING BODY), who also helmed 2014"s "Manslaughter". The CD features guest appearances by Max Cavalera (SOULFLY, SEPULTURA), MEGADETH mainmale Dave Mustaine and LAMB OF GOD frontguy Randy Blythe. The effort likewise consists of BODY COUNT"s medley of the SLAYER songs "Postmortem" and "Raining Blood".

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Ice-T told Revolver magazine about the "Bloodlust" album title: "Bloodlust is component of the human makeup. Murder is about as normal as love. It"s in our nature to desire to acquire violent and kill, however we recognize there are results. That"s why we like violent movies, video games and combat sporting activities. It"s in our DNA. It"s what we are."


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