10 Tips For Reaching The Max Level In Borderlands 2 Let"s check out 10 great techniques and tips that will certainly enable players to obtain to the max level in borderlands 2 conveniently and successfully.

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Borderlands 2 levelling up
In spite of seeing a couple of spinoff games and also a straight sequel, Gearbox"s Borderlands 2 still has a dedicated complying with which still appreciates its distinctive cinjury and also appeal. The game manages to hit that sweet spot in terms of access and also depth - with its thrilling FPS gameplay, intuitive interface, as well as detailed RPG progression and also customization. And of course, there"s the enormous arsenal of cool weapons - that does not reach an absurd, overwhelming level a la BL3. The release of Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary has provided it somepoint of a renaissance while reminding older fans just how awesome this zany kind of romp is.

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With so a lot expansive content - and a level cap getting to a whopping 80 - diving into this classical have the right to be rather intimidating for newcomers. Even experienced BL2 players may discover it tough to reach this new bar through their old personalities. With that sassist, let"s explore ten methods and also tips that will certainly enable players to get to the max level quickly and effectively.

Borderlands 2 BNK 3R Cooperative multiplayer
One of the biggest highlights of the Borderlands series - and particularly this second enattempt - is its fun, well-crafted co-op mode. What"s great is the game"s sensibly versatile device of permitting players of various levels to team up and also have a repetitively solid suffer that"s not too hard.

This open-ended mechanism need to be taken benefit of, as it allows a player to jump right into the game of a frifinish who"s progressed farther. Hence, one might ride their coattails to take on tougher monsters via greater ease. As a side note - lower level players might want to emphadimension range-focused characters like Zero or Maya, while the more powerful player handles the dirty work-related up close.

Borderlands 2 The Warrior
Bosses have the right to be hard in BL2, but they deserve to also yield a slew of riches and also a hefty increase in XP. The (core) game"s final boss, The Warrior, can be especially useful in this respect. He"s best in that teammates can rendezvous to his place via loved one ease, ssuggest by rapid traveling to Hero"s Pass. Playing him in normal mode will certainly still yield loads of loot and also xp - consisting of coveted Legendary weapons - while still being controllable to beat.

This bounty of handy weapons and also equipment will certainly make powering via the game, and also for this reason leveling up a smoother, swifter process. Focus on farming this boss, especially with other players - as they deserve to aid pick off other baddies in the arena and also net even more XP.

Borderlands 2 DLC Connects Borderlands 3
While there"s plenty to carry out within the core gameplay of BL2, Gearbox has actually cranked out a number of DLC packs because its release numerous years ago. These add some fun new content, however they likewise range to a player"s level as soon as diving in.

The a lot of current release, Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary, must be particularly stressed. This epilogue search throws a ton of bigger, badder foes and cool new weapons at you, and also some reasonably short side pursuits to boot. Beyond this, the normal mode level cap right here exoften tends better than various other packs. All of these traits make it ideal for getting to a higher level even more quickly. The even more expansive content in these permits players to acquire closer to the max level while minimizing the require for grinding, farming, or replaying the very same things.

7 Focus On Badass Enemies

Borderlands 2 Super Badass Goliath
BL2 has a variety of dangerous beefed-up baddies, which are known as "Baddass" variants. These will periodically be uncovered on their own, though they"ll regularly evolve right into Badasses when their normal form is struck and also provoked.

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Those looking to maximize their XP revenue have to look for out and farm these intimidating beasts. While they"re typically difficult to take dvery own, the rewards tend to be worth it. Make a suggest to coax enemies right into evolving multiple times - from Badass to Super Badass to Ultimate.

Bosses are generally efficient in giving ample XP and also loot in basic. But a lot prefer The Warrior, this DLC boss is one that have the right to be particularly efficient in acquiring many XP quickly. Those who are fine with investing in some downloadable content must certainly make a point to gun for this monstrous snowman.

Specifically, "Tinder Snowflake" resides in the How Marcus Saved Mercenary Dave DLC fill. He can be summoned fairly simply, by ringing bells on a cliffside dock on Frozen Lake. High-level players decked with Incendiary-laced weapons can "melt" this man within a pair of minutes.

5 Spamming With Slag

Slag may not look as interesting or impactful as some, however it have the right to be deceptively efficient in burning with higher-level adversaries.

That"s bereason Slag will certainly both undermine the target and increase the damage dealt to them. Players have the right to get creative and also cover many ground at as soon as by spamming Slag-laced grenades while gunning dvery own weakened foes in its vicinity via various other elepsychological tools. Another great facet of this impact is that it"s equally reliable on all opponents. This is specifically useful in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, as it"s even even more potent tright here.

BL2"s distinctive Badass ranking system is one that"s often neglected, as tools and XP tends to take facility phase. It"s likewise difficult to obtain also excited around a device that only little slivers of boosts at a time.

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Still, these do add up over time, and have to therefore be tfinished to rather often. Take a gander at the difficulties obtainable and also knock them out to earn Badass Tokens. These deserve to then be provided to give permanent increases to essential locations favor gun damages and also accuracy, important hits, and refill speed. Over time, players have the right to start to overpower enemies via better ease and also burn via the game even more conveniently.

3 Farm At Fink"s

BL2 has actually its very own version of a thrilling survival mode, which deserve to be particularly fun to play with various other players. This arena, well-known as Fink"s Slaughterresidence, have the right to be found in The Fridge. It"s an especially beneficial means to wrack up XP and also loot conveniently, as tbelow will be a number of waves of countless foes, getting significantly tougher as one progresses.

This is especially substantial in Ultimate Vault Hunter Setting, as foes will be higher levels and continue to scale to one"s very own level.

It"s constantly a great concept to seek out searches that provide avenues to kill a number of foes. But one particularly great one to emphasis on is the Might Morphin" Quest. This can be had from Sir Hammerlock, that will send players to Tundra Express with an "evolutionary injector" in hand.

Tbelow are a number of things that make this pursuit great for reaching greater levels reasonably quickly. For one, tbelow will be a plethora of Varkids; many kind of of which will evolve right into Badasses after busting out of their pods. This would certainly be useful sufficient, but making use of the injector will transcreate them right into the even more powerful Mutated Varchildren, which are excellent for lots of priceless XP. This can be exploited for as long as all of the samples aren"t picked up.

1 Lots And Lots Of Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode

Despite the big supply of foes and also loot throughout, leveling progress will certainly almost inevitably slow down. This is bereason tright here are limits on opponent and also player level caps. The DLC will extend this rather, yet only to an level. The answer? Ultimate Vault Hunter Setting - which is unlocked after beating True Vault Hunter Setting.

Players seeking a max level will certainly have to have actually played the game at least twice to get to Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode. This grueling mode comes via a lot tougher foes, and also therefore even more XP. But even more importantly, it"ll likewise continue to scale through players as they level. Combine this via some of the various other techniques and tips outlined formerly - emphasize Slag, for instance - and also watch the XP roll in. Eventually, that coveted 80th level will be got to.

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