Lectra City is a big location in Borderlands 3 with good rewards to collect, yet to gain tbelow players need to accept a side quest and find a hidden door.

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Borderlands 3 is the newest enattempt right into the legendary Borderlands franchise. This is the complete new looter-shooter that fans have actually been waiting for considering that Borderlands 2"s release in 2012. Borderlands 3 contains plenty of content to play via, and the same over-the-height establishing that made the previous games hits.

Borderlands 3 includes a large world map through quite a couple of areas to check out, some of which have the right to be a small confmaking use of to locate. Lectra City, for example, is home to plenty of challenges, collectibles, and rewards, but deserve to just be accessed via a certain chain of events. If players want to level Borderlands 3 characters to the max, it will certainly be important to totally explore the game and uncover all of the essential locations.

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Lectra City have the right to only be gone into once players accept a certain side pursuit. Players will inevitably receive a quest from Moxxi to Kill Killavolt. This search will certainly be easily accessible in Sanctuary, and deserve to be caused by speaking to Moxxi and accepting her research. This pursuit can also be accepted in Meridian Metroplex, however players will certainly have to go tright here anymethod in order to follow the quest. Even after this search is accepted, the pursuit markers might not lead players straight to the entrance for Lectra City. To discover it, there is a tiny trying out that have to be done.

Map of the location in the Metroplex
Players will certainly be directed to a rapid travel terminal. This have to lead to the Meridian Metroplex area on Promethean. Once there, the door that leads to Lectra City is located near the center of the location. It will be up a collection of stairs behind a room called Knoxx Station guarded by a couple of adversaries. The telltale sign on the area map is a little, brief hallway that appears to bring about nowright here at the facility of the Metroplex. At the end of this hallway is a huge door that leads to Lectra City. Once players enter, they will technically be in Lectra City, yet must wait for a brief dialogue from Moxxi prior to entering the rest of the city.

Lectra City is rife via obstacles and other pursuits to finish, so exploring it will administer bountiful earnings for any kind of player. Several of the best rewards in Borderlands 3 come from trying out locations like this. Exploring, shooting, and also looting is the name of the game.

Borderlands 3 is now accessible on COMPUTER, PS4, and also Xbox One, via a Stadia version also in breakthrough.

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