Distance by Flight

Shortest distance in between Owensboro and also Bowling Eco-friendly is 65.46 miles (105.35 km).

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Flight distance from Owensboro, KY to Bowling Eco-friendly, KY is 65.46 miles. Estimated flight time is 00 hours 08 minutes.

It takes 00 hours 07 minutes to take a trip from Owensboro to Bowling Green with an aircraft (average rate of 550 miles).

Driving distance

The driving distance from Owensboro, Kentucky to Bowling Eco-friendly, Kentucky is: 73.13 miles (117.69 km) by car.

Driving from Owensboro to Bowling Eco-friendly will certainly take approximately 01 hrs 15 minutes.


Population GPS Coordinates Latitude Longitude Altitude Country
37°46'27"N 87°6'48"W
United States


Population GENERAL PRACTITIONERS Coordinates Latitude Longitude Altitude Country
36°59'25"N 86°26'37"W
United States

Starting suggest in Owensboro: Frederica Street (-87.113495,37.77421) Ending point in Bowling Green: State Street (-86.443913,36.990612)
Estimated Travel Time Between Owensboro and Bowling Eco-friendly

The distance in between Owensboro and also Bowling Environment-friendly is 118 km if you select to drive by road. You can go 01 hours 18 minutes if you drive your vehicle at an average speed of 90 kilometers / hour. For different selections, please testimonial the avg. rate travel time table on the below.

There is no time distinction in between Owensboro and also Bowling Green. The current time is 08:24:55.

Median Speed Travel Time
30 mph (48.3 km/h) 02 hours 26 minutes
40 mph (64.37 km/h) 01 hrs 49 minutes
50 mph (80.47 km/h) 01 hours 27 minutes
60 mph (96.56 km/h) 01 hours 13 minutes
70 mph (112.65 km/h) 01 hrs 02 minutes
75 mph (120.7 km/h) 00 hours 58 minutes
80 mph (128.75 km/h) 00 hrs 54 minutes

Gas Consumption

A automobile through a fuel efficiency of 8.3 l/100 km will require 9.77 liters (2.58 gallon) of gas to cover the path between Owensboro and Bowling Green. The approximated price of gregarding go from Owensboro to Bowling Green is $8.17 (diesel $8.7).

Take a look at our Gas Cost Calculator function. It will figure out exactly how much it will expense to drive this specific distance.

The average gas price per gallon of daily gas for calculations is $3.165 (Diesel $3.372) /gallon. Last changed prices on September 15, 2021.

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How did we calculate the distance?

The place names are interpreted into coordinates to approximate the distance between Owensboro and Bowling Eco-friendly (latitude and also longitude). Cities, states, and also nations each have actually their own regional center. The Haversine formula is used to meacertain the radius.