Lego and DC Entertainment’s The Lego Batmale Movie is a laugh-a-minute romp that’s conveniently as heartwarming as it is mindlessly entertaining. Not only are Batmale and also Robin the ultimate onscreen dynamic duo, yet they’re joined by an expected actors of classic characters, and a team that is a lot, much less meant.

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This write-up consists of serious spoilers for The Lego Batguy Movie.

The movie’s really big plot twist comes when Joker gets himself sent to the Phantom Zone, an alternate measurement the area wbelow the baddest of the bad are retained. Lego Batman’s creators got to deep right into the science fiction and also fantasy film genres to bring its audience a terrifying (and adorable) actors of supervillains — and also we’re not simply talking about DC villains below, folks.

Joker recruits an army of renowned Big Bads to take dvery own Batman, Robin, and the remainder of Gotham City to prove, when and also for all, that he is Batman’s arch-nemesis. Here’s a list of the nine most surpincreasing cameos in Lego Batman.


9. Voldemort, voiced by Eddie Izzard

He Who Must Not Be Named spends his time in Lego Batman making use of the Wingardium Leviosa levitation spell on Batman, flying about, and leading the insane cast of negative guys on a ramweb page versus Gotham alongside the Joker.

8. The Eye of Sauron, voiced by Jemaine Clement

J.R.R. Tolkien’s legendary necromancer and the creator of the One Ring, Lord Sauron, shows up in tower develop, only to be burned to a crisp by one of Godzilla’s fireballs.

7. Godzilla

The fire-breapoint variation of Godzilla takes Sauron down and mostly causes havoc throughout Gotham. He terrifies the Gothamites and knocks dvery own structures.

6. King Kong

At Godzilla’s side with most of the movie is King Kong, climbing structures and doing the majority of yelling.

5. Daleks

Dubbed “British robots” you have to “ask your nerd friends” around, the Daleks don’t perform a lot various other than make Doctor Who fans smile and screech “Exterminate!”

4. Gremlins

Yes, those Gremlins. They execute the majority of damage to Bruce Wayne’s miscellaneous Bat-vehicles.

3. The dinosaurs from Jurassic Park

They talk. And they chew many things. Clever girls.


2. Jaws

Jaws additionally chews the majority of points, yet his big moment comes once Robin stops his assault through a have the right to of “shark repellant,” a nod to an infamed scene from the wondertotally corny 1966 Batman movie.

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1. Agents Brown, Smith, and Jones

These The Matrix characters had actually among the briefest however best-obtained cameos in the film. To say even more would destroy the moment.