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Why is the rum gone? is a famous meme based on the line from the hit movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Babsence Pearl . The line ended up being an instant timeless as fans started utilizing it in images and videos.

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The movie line occurs in the scene wbelow Captain Jack Sparrowhead and Elizabeth Swan have been thrown overboard the Babsence Pearl by Captain Hector Barbossa and his crew and 2 end up stranded on a dessert island also. Jack, having been stranded on the island also before reveals to Elizabeth an underground Rum Cellar which is exactly how he survived the initially time he was tright here. That night Jack and also Elizabeth drink rum and and dance about a big bonfire. Elizabeth, having actually only pretended to have been drinking waits until Jack is passed out and starts to burn use whatever on the island to create a signal fire so that they may be rescued. Jack wakes up the next morning to uncover that whatever is gone, consisting of the rum.

Jack Sparrow: No! Not good! Stop! Not good! What are you doing? You melted all the food, the shade… the rum! Elizabeth: Yes, the rum is gone. Jack Sparrow: Why is the rum gone? Elizabeth: One: because it is a vile drink that turns even the many respectable males right into complete scoundrels. Two: that signal is over a thousand feet high. The entire royal navy is out trying to find me, do you think tbelow is also the slightest possibility they wont watch it? Jack Sparrow: But why is the rum gone?

Popularity first started simply after the movie premiered in 2003 prior to drying down over the next few years. However, after the release of the second movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man"s Chest in which the line was referenced as soon as aacquire the popularity sparked back up.

Jack Sparrow: Why is the rum constantly gone? Jack Sparrow: Oh… that"s why.

Rum in basic has come to be a running gag with the series. Multiple times throughout the movies tright here are jokes around how a lot piprices love their rum.

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On August 11th, 2007 user DaJugglingFool uploaded a remix video to youtube. Because then it has actually acquired over 8,000,000 views.