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Click On The Button Below Each Question To See AnswerQ 1. Which of these names is not a forename of this Dutch princess?


Options:-AlexiaJulianaMarcelaCarolinaQ 2. Caffeine is also called a what?Options:-A: OpioidB: NarcoticC: BarbiturateD:PsychoactiveQ 3. Do you understand what form of monvital this is?


Options:-Lion-Tailed MacaqueGray LangurBonnet MacaquePig Tailed MacaqueQ 4. Do you understand wright here this bridge is located?


Options:-SydneyKrakowCologneVancouverQ 5.Two children are liars, three have the right to only say the fact. Jane: ” Julia is just a liar, if John is telling the fact.” Julia: “If Joey doesn’t lie, then either Jane or John execute.” Joey: ” Jack lies, as does Jane or Julia.” John: “If Julia is informing the fact, then Jane or Joey perform also.” Jack: “If you round up Jane, Joey and John, you will have at leastern one liar.” The compulsive liars are_____Options:-Joey & JackJane & JackJulia & JackJohn & Joey


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