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Volume of 100 grams of ozone

foot³1.65oil barrel0.29
Imperial gallon10.26US cup197.14
inch³2846.26US liquid ounce1577.15
liter46.64US gallon12.32
meter³0.05US pint98.57
metric cup186.57US quart49.29
metric tablespoon3109.45US tablespoon3154.29
metric teaspoon9328.36US teaspoon9462.88

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The entered weight of ozone in various systems of weight


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About ozone2.144 kilograms of ozone fit right into 1 cubic meter0.00123931 ounce of ozone fits into 1 cubic inchOzone is an unsteady colorless or pale blue gas via a characteristic odor.A few products, substances, compounds or elements with a name containing, favor or equivalent to ozone:Reference (ID: 2200)
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