Seriously I don"t know if it"s just me but I feel like the vast majority of players (like 97 % of them) are what I consider a bot. By bot I mean really bad players ofc. I play on PC and there are probably about 300 active or somewhat active players in blackout and I swear that at least 250 of them are little bots. I imagine that things on consoles are way worse given the countless times bigger player base there, the limitations of a controller vs K&M when it comes to mechanics, and that most of the console players not even play on a monitor and their frame rate is locked at 60 fps max and the refresh rate of their TV is 60hz (Am I right here?). Almost everybody I watch (except streamers) are slow and their awareness about their surroundings is little if any. I really struggle to find really decent players to play with, and playing with fill squad on, only to get matched with bots is not fun for me. My dream match is a sweat fest where everybody has godlike skills. I am aware that this is impossible and not realistic to expect but why is that on every Alcatraz match for example, not even 10 of the 40 players are decent? (As a proud sweat my standards when judging someone are really high and my critique is harsh so it"s not easy for me to acknowledge someone as decent). I think that the fact I am right or at least mostly right is confirmed by the daily videos of Call of Duty Central (most of you are probably familiar with it) where in most clips (95% estimate?) the person who submitted it is a bot and the clip is just luck, or the enemies were even more terrible than them, or the clip is not even something impressive. What I have mentioned so far apply mostly for blackout as this is what I have been playing the most recently but on multiplayer things are hardly any different from what I remember (I have about 20 days played in each).

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Anyway enough about my rant, please let me know what you think about this post (please be polite) and if you bother to comment please also mention your k/d in blackout or multiplayer as well. Mine is 4.11 in Blackout and 2.81 in Multiplayer (used to be 3.3 but then came the dark matter grind). I am not saying that to brag but I want to check how you compare with me so I know how much valuable your answer will be. I want to discuss about this issue in order to understand it better so please help me.

Some PC folks out there may know me.

Thanks to those who will comment.

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