Seriously I do not understand if it"s just me however I feel choose the large majority of players (choose 97 % of them) are what I think about a bot. By bot I expect really bad players ofc. I play on COMPUTER and also tright here are most likely about 300 active or somewhat active players in blackout and I swear that at least 250 of them are bit bots. I imagine that points on consoles are means worse offered the plenty of times bigger player base tbelow, the constraints of a controller vs K&M as soon as it involves mechanics, and that many of the consingle players not even play on a monitor and also their framework rate is locked at 60 fps max and also the refresh price of their TV is 60hz (Am I right here?). Ala lot of everybody I watch (except streamers) are slow-moving and their awareness about their surroundings is bit if any type of. I really struggle to find really decent players to play through, and also playing through fill squad on, just to acquire matched through bots is not fun for me. My dream enhance is a sweat fest wbelow everybody has godlike abilities. I am mindful that this is impossible and not realistic to intend but why is that on eincredibly Alcatraz complement for example, not even 10 of the 40 players are decent? (As a proud sweat my criteria as soon as judging someone are really high and my critique is harsh so it"s not easy for me to acknowledge someone as decent). I think that the fact I am right or at least greatly best is confirmed by the everyday videos of Cevery one of Duty Central (a lot of of you are most likely familiar through it) wright here in many clips (95% estimate?) the perkid that submitted it is a bot and also the clip is simply luck, or the enemies were also even more destructive than them, or the clip is not also something outstanding. What I have actually discussed so much apply greatly for blackout as this is what I have been playing the many recently but on multiplayer points are hardly any type of different from what I remember (I have about 20 days played in each).

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Anyway sufficient around my rant, please let me recognize what you think around this short article (please be polite) and if you bvarious other to comment please also point out your k/d in blackout or multiplayer too. Mine is 4.11 in Blackout and also 2.81 in Multiplayer (supplied to be 3.3 however then came the dark matter grind). I am not saying that to brag yet I desire to check exactly how you compare via me so I understand exactly how much valuable your answer will be. I desire to talk about around this issue in order to understand also it much better so please aid me.

Some COMPUTER folks out tright here may understand me.

Thanks to those that will certainly comment.

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